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Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures

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Andrew C. Rajca

Title: Associate Professor of Portuguese and Spanish
Department: Languages, Literatures and Cultures
College of Arts and Sciences
Office: J. Welsh Humanities Bldg, 711
Resources: Curriculum Vitae [pdf]
Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures

Prof. Andrew C. Rajca


Andrew C. Rajca (Ph.D Arizona, 2010) specializes in literary and visual culture in Latin America and is a core faculty member in Portuguese, Spanish, Comparative Literature, and Latin American Studies at the University of South Carolina. Drawing from an interdisciplinary theoretical framework of cultural studies and critical theory, his research focuses on such themes as memory, violence, human rights, and urban space in contemporary Latin American cultural production. His book, Dissensual Subjects: Memory, Human Rights, and Postdictatorship in Argentina, Brazil, and Uruguay, critically examines the relationship between the discourses of memory and human rights in postdictatorial culture through the analysis of visual aesthetic production. He has begun working on a new book project focused on urban theory, aesthetics, and cinema in São Paulo, Brazil. Professor Rajca has lived and conducted research throughout Latin America, and he seeks to help students make connections between lived experiences and critical discussions about cultural production the classroom.

Selected Publications



Rajca, Andrew C. Dissensual Subjects: Memory, Human Rights, and Postdictatorship in Argentina, Brazil, and Uruguay. Northwestern University Press. 2018. Available here.


Rajca, Andrew C. “Haptic Film Spaces and the Rhythms of Everyday Life in São Paulo in Lina Chamie’s A via láctea.” Journal of Urban Cultural Studies 4:1-2 (2017): 87-106. Available here.

Rajca, Andrew C. "Stains of the Past: Space, Memory, and Postdictatorship in Luis Fernando Veríssimo's 'A mancha'." Bulletin of Latin American Research. June 2016. Available here.

Rajca, Andrew C. "Alogical Memory: Thinking Beyond the (Counter)hegemonic Discursive Logic of Postdictatorial Memory in Beatriz Bracher’s Não falei." Hispanic Review. 82.1 (2014): 89-111. Available here.

Rajca, Andrew C. "Unraveling Normalized Rhetoric of Violence and Human Rights: The Dissensual Intervention of Sérgio Bianchi’s Quanto vale ou é por quilo?" Journal of Latin American Cultural Studies. 22.3 (2013): 305-321. Available here.

Rajca, Andrew C. "Remnants of the Disappeared: Subjectivity and the Politics of Postdictatorial Cultural Memory in Sergio Chejfec’s Los planetas." Dissidences Hispanic Journal of Theory and Criticism. Vol. 5 Issue 9. 2013. Available here.