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Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures

Minor in French

The minor requires 18 hours of coursework: four (4) courses comprising a required core, plus two (2) additional courses beyond the 200-level in the areas of language, business French, literature or civilization. French 315 cannot count for the minor. Students testing out of the 200-level will be required to substitute more advanced courses for a total of 18 hours.

FREN 209 Reading and Written Expression 
FREN 210 Oral Communication
FREN 309 Introduction to French Texts
FREN 310 Advanced Oral Communication 
(SCCC263H or SCHC263H can be substituted for either FREN 209 or FREN 210)

Six (6) additional credit hours from the following:

FREN 300 French Phonetics 
FREN 311 French Composition and Grammar
FREN 316 Introduction to Business French 
FREN 330 The French Theater Experience (may apply to minor only once) 
FREN 350 French Language Study in France (up to six (6) hours toward the minor; UofSC course equivalents are determined by Tours Program Director and major adviser) 
SCCC 363 Proseminar in French (with permission) 
FREN 397 The French Film Experience (for minor credit, must be taken after FREN 209, and written work must be done in French; course is taught in English) 
FREN 399 Independent Study (approval necessary for minor credit) 
FREN 400 French Cultural History 
FREN 416 Advanced Business French 
FREN 450 Topics in Literature 
FREN 451 French Literature and Culture Before 1800
FREN 452 French Literature and Culture Since 1800
FREN 453 Francophone Literatures and Cultures
SCCC 463 Proseminar in French (with permission) 
FREN 501 La France Contemporaine 
FREN 511 Techniques of Literary Analysis 
FREN 515 Advanced French Stylistics 
FREN 516 Phonology 
FREN 517 French Linguistics 
FREN 595 Selected Topics in French

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