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Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures

Minor in Spanish

A minor in Spanish consists of eighteen (18)  hours at the 200-level or above, no more than six (6) of which can be below the 300-level. The typical student will take 209 and 210 and a minimum of four additional courses at the 300- and 400-levels.

Half of the minor (9 hours) must be completed on campus.

All students are encouraged to Study Abroad. For details about choosing courses abroad, click here

SPAN 302 is the only required course in the minor sequence. Students who score an S7, SD, or S8 are exempt from this required course. We recommend that students take at least one (1) course at the 400-level.  

Students majoring in:

Business/Journalism might include SPAN 316 Business Spanish and SPAN 417 Advanced Spanish for Business and the Professions.

Political Science/International Studies might include SPAN 401 Spanish American Civilization and/or SPAN 417 Advanced Spanish for Business and the Professions.

Social Sciences/History should emphasize language and culture courses (SPAN 375, 380, 400, 401, 500, 501).

Science/Nursing/ Pre-medical fields might include SPAN 305 Working with Hispanic Clients and/or SPAN 360 Spanish for Healthcare Professions.

Students should check the offering of the Special Topics Course (SPAN 375) each semester to see if the topic is especially appropriate for their specialization.

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