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Environmental Health and Safety

Laboratory Hazard Notice

A hazard notice posted by the entrance of your laboratory notifies emergency responders, researchers and visitors of the types of hazards present in your laboratory. The hazard notice lists general categories of hazards under chemical, biological, radioactive, equipment and other hazards. Emergency contact information and entry requirements are listed as well. These are critical information that must be posted on ALL entrance doors. The purpose of the hazard notice is to inform all persons of the hazards that may be encountered upon entering the laboratory. Should an incident occur, Emergency responders will rely on the hazard notice to make timely and effective decisions to enter and stabilize the incident area. If you are the designated group Safety officer for your laboratory, you must ensure that the hazard notice is accurate at all times.

A hazard notice template [docx] can be modified to create your lab specific signage. Emergency contact listed should include personnel who are capable of answering questions about laboratory operations. List emergency phone numbers that can be reached outside of normal office hours such as a home phone or a cell phone.