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Environmental Health and Safety

Chemical Safety Committee

One of the USC’s Special Advisory Committee appointed by the University leadership, the Chemical Safety Committee plays an important role in identifying laboratory chemical risks and evaluate then recommend strategies to mitigate the identified risks.

Mission Statement

The Committee will provide leadership, coordination, and advocacy to develop and evaluate programs, initiatives, policies, services and strategies to improve the chemical safety and security at the University of South Carolina.


The committee shall provide an annual risk assessment to the Enterprise Risk Management Oversight Committee via the Research Safety and Compliance Oversight Committee.  This risk assessment will identify the various risks associated with chemical related research and associated activities, and will list the major controls in place or being implemented to mitigate these risks.  

Membership Requirement

The committee shall consist of the laboratory safety officer and faculty members appointed by the President or Provost who are qualified by training or expertise in the safe use of hazardous and regulated chemicals.

Member Affiliation
John Lavigne, Chair Chemistry and Biochemistry
Peter Chametzky School of Visual Design
Steve Morgan  Chemistry and Biochemistry
Chuanbing Tang  Chemistry and Biochemistry
Mike Matthews  Chemical Engineering
Tom Syfert  Environmental Health and Safety
Jocelyn Locke  Environmental Health and Safety
Michelle Parham  Environmental Health and Safety (Support, non-voting)