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Environmental Health and Safety

Hazardous Waste Management

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) promulgated regulations under the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) of 1976, which established a “cradle-to-grave” management system for hazardous chemical waste. The University of South Carolina, as a Large Quantity Generator, is required to identify all hazardous wastes generated at its facilities and properly handle and dispose of these wastes in accordance with State and Federal laws.

Hazardous wastes are generated from numerous sources at the University of South Carolina including teaching and research laboratories, paint shops, art departments workshops and motor vehicle maintenance shops. Hazardous waste generators at each of these sites are responsible for determining if their wastes are hazardous and for properly collecting, storing and labeling them. The Hazardous Waste Management team is responsible for properly processing hazardous wastes for disposal through an external contractor in accordance with federal and state regulations.

Hazardous Waste Policy

Learn how to handle and dispose of hazardous solid, liquid or compressed gaseous material that's no longer in use and must be stored until you have enough to dispose of or treat.

Hazardous Waste Training

UofSC personnel who work with hazardous chemicals are required to attend training to manage hazardous waste they generate, and to renew their training annually once attained.

Hazardous Waste Pick-Up Request

Waste pickups occur on Wednesday, weather permitting. Pickup requests must be entered by noon on Tuesday to be picked up on the following day.

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