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Environmental Health and Safety


HF is a clear, colorless acid that is both extremely corrosive and very toxic.  It causes severe burns to the eyes, skin and respiratory tract.  Pain may not be immediate but begins as hydrogen fluoride penetrate deep through the tissues then to the bones. Chronic exposure even to low concentrations can cause irreversible bone damage.

Requirements for using HF

  1. Complete HF hazard awareness training (contact
  2. Written SOP – reviewed by EH&S, approved by PI
  3. Safety shower and eyewash has clear running water (checked before each procedure)
  4. Calcium gluconate gel in first aid kit  is not expired
  5. HF spill kit, preferably with HF acid eater
  6. PPE available (neoprene or 22 mil nitrile gloves, safety goggles, face shield, tyvek suit, acid resistant booties, others, based on written SOP)
  7. Fume hood airflow ~100 lfm
  8. Signage on cabinet storing HF
  9. Signage on fume hood designated for HF use
  10. Signage on outside door during use of HF
  11. Practiced and proficient on the methodology
  12. Practiced and proficient on written emergency response procedure
  13. Designated "buddy”

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