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Environmental Health and Safety

X-ray Equipment

Scientific and diagnostic equipment containing X-ray tubes are regulated by the State of South Carolina’s Division of Health and Environmental Control.

The University of South Carolina possesses X-ray generating equipment in research laboratories for analytical purposes, and also at sports and public health facilities and the Center for Health and Well Being for human use diagnostic purposes.

All active X-ray tubes must be registered with DHEC.

Any University employee applying X-rays to humans for diagnostic purposes must be approved by DHEC following accreditation by the State of South Carolina Radiation Quality Standards Association (SCQRSA).

All users of analytical types of X-ray equipment in research labs must be trained before operating X-ray equipment. Training can be accessed at the Research Safety Bureau Radiation Safety Training page.

The University’s Radiation Safety Office coordinates all registration activities and DHEC regulatory requirements; all activities involving X-rays are overseen by the University’s Radiation Safety Committee.

Should you need to purchase equipment containing an X-ray tube for any reason, have any questions pertaining to the use of X-rays, need to deactivate equipment containing an X-ray tube, or have general questions regarding X-ray regulations and/or safety, please contact the Radiation Safety Office at 803-777-2841 or 803-777-7530.

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