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Environmental Health and Safety

Chemical & Lab Safety Training

The Chemical and Lab Safety Office provides basic chemical and lab safety awareness training in a classroom setting. We recognize, however, that this awareness training must be complemented by a lab-specific (in-house, on-the-job) safety training provided by the lab supervisor. At the time of initial appointment, the supervisor must provide lab personnel with a training plan (list of required trainings based on hazards handled) and a lab-specific safety training.  Personnel who are provided a lab-specific safety training that is properly documented using this template, may, at the discretion of the Principal Investigator, be allowed to start working in the laboratory if ALL of the following is true:

  • Class and work schedule of personnel conflicts with the EH&S Chemical and Lab safety training scheduled within the month of initial appointment
  • Personnel will not be handling HF
  • Work with highly hazardous chemicals (toxic gases, pyrophoric gases, others), equipment and processes is covered in the lab-specific safety training
  • Personnel will not be handling human blood and other bodily fluids that may contain bloodborne pathogens (see Biological Safety training requirement for personnel handling BSL-2 agents)
  • Personnel will not be handling isotopes, x-ray and laser (see Radiation Safety training)
  • Personnel will attend the EH&S Chemical and Lab Safety training within 60 days of the initial appointment (additional option to attend trainings scheduled at the School of Medicine)

Training Opportunities and Requirements

The following table includes a list of the current and upcoming chemical and lab safety training courses available. Check the training schedule to see when the course is offered next. 

Course Name Required to Complete Training Frequency Course Offering
Introduction to Chemical and Lab Safety Personnel working in a laboratory, and/or conducting experiments involving chemical that presents hazards such as toxicity and other health hazards, flammability, reactivity and others.   4 years  Classroom 
Hazardous Waste Laboratory personnel performing work that generate hazardous chemical waste

(Initial in-person training; annual refresher online) 

Classroom (first time)

Online (refresher)

Lab Safety Training for Area Campus Supplemental training for lab personnel who work in the laboratory and students who perform experiments as part of their course work. This training is in addition to hands-on lab-specific training provided by their supervisor. Annual for Lab personnel, every start of the semester for students.   
HF (Hydroflouric acid) Hazard and Risk Awareness  

Laboratory personnel needing authorization to work with HF and all others who access the laboratory where HF is stored and/or used.

IMPORTANT! To be authorized to work with HF, lab personnel must:

  • demonstrate proficiency on performing the HF methodology,
  • understand and sign an approved SOP for HF use, and be able to implement all sections of the SOP, including but not limited to first aid and spill clean-up,
  • have been assigned the proper PPE for HF, and knows how to use and maintain them.
Every 2 years  

In addition to providing HF Hazard and Risk Awareness lecture, EH&S provides on-site hazard and risk assessment, SOP review and planning for safe use of HF.  EH&S verifies that all required fume hood, PPE, first aid kit, and spill kit for HF use are available.

Request lecture and/or consultation by calling 803-777-7650 

Handling of Compressed gases   Laboratory personnel conducting experiments involving compressed gases   2 years Coming soon
Planning and providing Lab-specific safety training   Principal Investigator and lab managers who provide daily oversight for lab group members   4 years Coming soon

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