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Environmental Health and Safety


Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSDs) affect the muscles, nerves and tendons. Work-related MSDs (including those of the neck, upper extremities and low back) are among the leading causes of lost workday injury and illness. Workers in many different industries and occupations can be exposed to risk factors at work. Exposure to these known risk factors for MSDs increases a worker’s risk of injury.

Common Risks:

  • Lifting heavy items
  • Bending
  • Reaching overhead
  • Pushing and pulling heavy loads
  • Working in awkward body postures
  • Performing tasks repetitively

Environmental Health and Safety can assist you in evaluating your work station or work tasks for ergonomic stressors and make recommendations to reduce your risk. There are a limited number of appointments available to evaluate computer workstations for university employees with our Occupational Medicine physician, Gary Ewing, MD.

The employee requesting an evaluation is referred to the OSHA website to address computer workstation ergonomic principles and access helpful hints.

Dr. Ewing visits with an individual employee by phone, in person or at their worksite. The employee can then discuss personal medical problems that may be exacerbated by their current workstation.

Dr. Ewing does not treat medical conditions or recommend specific office furniture. Generalized principles are discussed and recommendations are made as to what next steps might be taken to minimize workstation injuries. Employees follow-up with their own physicians to treat specific problems.

If you would like to schedule training or an evaluation of your workspace, contact Ty Russell.  Please include your location and contact information.

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