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Environmental Health and Safety

Research & Laboratory Safety

We work to provide a safe research environment for all laboratory personnel, and to facilitate compliance with research safety regulations, standards and guidelines.


Contact Research & Laboratory Safety

Mark Robbins, Manager, Office of Research Safety & Biological Safety Officer
Primary contact for: Institutional Biosafety Committee, biosafety protocols, biological safety cabinets, biological incidents/expenditures, shipping biological materials, biological lab designs, bloodborne pathogens, animal biosafety and infectious waste management

Sherika Smith, Assistant Biological Safety Officer
Phone: 803-777-1625
Primary contact for: lab biosafety inspections, biosafety training and hepatitis B vaccination

David Estey, Hazardous Waste Technician
Phone: 803- 422-2122
Primary contact for: pick-up of infectious waste

Jocelyn Locke, Chemical Hygiene Officer
Phone: 803-777-7650
Primary contact for: Chemical Safety Committee, high-hazard chemicals, processes and SOPs, Chemical Hygiene Plan, lab-specific training, EH&S lab safety trainings, chemical incidents and near misses, minors in laboratories, new lab start-up, lab design and renovations, lab inspections, lab safety concerns, chemical inventory and fume hoods in Horizon, Swearingen, Catawba, 300 Main and School of Medicine

Beth Bair, Assistant Chemical Hygiene Officer
Phone: 803-777-6457
Primary contact for: teaching labs, lab safety inspections, safety concerns, chemical inventory and fume hoods in GSRC, CLS, PSC, EWS, Sumwalt, Discovery, PHRC and regional campuses

 Jeff Brannon, Hazardous Waste Manager
Office: 803-777-1935
Primary contact for: hazardous (chemical) waste management

David Estey, Hazardous Waste Technician
Office: 803-777-6808
Primary contact for: hazardous (chemical) waste pick-ups

Bryan Bagg, Radiation Safety Officer
Phone: 803-777-7530
Primary contact for: all ionizing and non-ionizing radiation safety questions and issues including but not limited to lasers, microwaves, UV and infrared light, radon, X-rays, naturally occurring and licensed radioactive materials.

Jennifer Roose, Radioactive Materials
Phone: 803-576-6818
Primary contact for: all radioactive material orders, labs for use of radioactive materials, Principal Investigator authorizations (new and/or ongoing), lab audits and inspections for radioactive materials, radioactive material inventory and personnel dosimeters for monitoring occupational exposures to radiation.

.Allen Boyd, Electronic Products Radioactive Waste
Phone: 803-777-2841
Primary contact for: authorizations for use of X-ray machines, laser devices classed as 3B or 4 by the manufacturer (new and or ongoing), annual inspection program for active X-rays and Class 3B or 4 laser devices, radiation detection instrumentation and calibration, and radioactive material waste.

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