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Environmental Health and Safety

Office and Classroom Safety

Though offices and classrooms are thought of as relatively safe working environments, they can present potential risks that are often overlooked. Blocked exits, tripping hazards, improper storage practices and electrical hazards are some of the potential safety concerns that could be found in any office or classroom.

As with any other functional area within your department, each office and classroom should be inspected annually. To promote consistency and completeness in this process, use of the self-audit checklist is recommended.

When operational deficiencies (e.g. improper storage on shelving, blocked stairways, damaged extension cords, etc.) are discovered, clear responsibility for corrective action should be assigned to a specific individual.

Facility deficiencies should be referred to Facilities or to the appropriate facilities or physical plant operating unit. Guidance in making this determination is available from Environmental Health and Safety (EHS).

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