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Communications and Marketing

Benefit-Focused Messaging

Our brand pillars and content themes help us tell the University of South Carolina story in a way that will resonate with our audiences. We should never assume that the value of what we offer is self-evident; instead, it is our job to explain why what we offer matters.

Brand Pillars

Our brand pillars are key attributes of the university. Our communications should align with these pillars and explain to our audiences how these attributes are beneficial for individuals and communities.

Pillar I: Academic and Research Excellence
We create models of learning and research that uphold the highest standards

Pillar 2: Superior Student Experience
We are united by a welcoming and intellectually stimulating student experience

Pillar 3: Economic and Social Impact
We are driving entrepreneurship and visionary leadership in a thriving capital city surrounded by opportunity  


Content Themes

Content themes align naturally with our brand pillars and are are a helpful starting point for developing a message. Common points of alignment are shown below, but any theme can be aligned with any pillar.

Our content themes are:

  • Sharing the university's unique hospitality (often linked with Pillar 2)
  • Championing the Gamecock family (often linked with Pillar 2)
  • Making an impact in the world (often linked with Pillar 3)
  • Highlighting high achievers (often linked with Pillar 1)
  • Uplifting South Carolina (often linked with Pillars 1,3)
  • Shaping the future (often linked with Pillars 1,3)


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