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Communications and Marketing

Staff Directory

Faculty/Staff Name Title Secondary Title Phone Email Keywords Department
Staff Avant, Brandi Designer 803-777-3698
Staff Beaudry, Shannon FOIA Coordinator 803-576-7715
Staff Binette, Peggy Assistant Vice President, Integrated Communications 803-777-7704 public relations
Staff Brandhorst, Craig Publications Editor 803-777-3681
Staff Burchfield, Bree Marketing Communications Coordinator 803-777-0967 bree, burchfield
Staff Cambre, Hannah Communications Specialist, Provost's Office 803-777-2930
Staff Conley, Yvonne Printing Services Business Manager 803-777-4860
Staff Cook, Dan Director of Editorial Content 803-777-7366
Staff Crotts, Neal Content Management Specialist Quality Assurance Specialist 803-777-1716
Staff Doyle, Shawn Printing Equipment Operator 803-777-5146
Staff Erwin, Amelia Printing Services Graphic Artist 803-777-5146
Staff Estrada, Angeles Systems Integration Coordinator 803-777-5146
Staff Estridge, Lawson Multimedia and Videography Coordinator 803-777-0138
Staff Frame, Will Designer 803-777-3685
Staff Friedman, Rebekah Content Writer/Assistant Editor 803-777-7543
Staff Gaines, Trey User Experience Specialist 803-576-7784
Staff Gruner, Luzviminda Printing Equipment Operator 803-777-3820
Staff Hardy, Greg Public Relations Coordinator 803-777-3697
Staff Harman, Thom Marketing Content Manager 803-777-7705
Staff Hartvigsen, Kristine Public Relations Coordinator 803-777-7548
Staff Harvey, Chip Director of Creative Strategy 803-777-8585
Staff Hays, Kevin Printing Equipment Operator 803-777-5146
Staff Ivey, Page Digital Publications Editor 803-777-3085
Staff Mableton, Daniel Senior Designer 803-777-5665
Staff Massey, Kimberley Senior Associate Director of Integrated Communications 803-777-5013
Staff McCollester, Hadley Multimedia & Videography Coordinator 803-777-0618
Staff Meares, Bill Printing Services Operations Manager 803-576-6353
Staff Minogue, Mary Printing Services Manager 803-777-5146
Staff Morris, Laura Associate Director 803-777-9757
Staff Newman, Erin Social Media Content Creator 803-777-1899
Staff Novotny, Francesca Designer 803-777-7208
Staff Padgett, Koby Communications Manager, Administration and Finance 803-576-6701 Administration and Finance
Staff Parham, Diane Director of Executive Communications 803-576-6829
Staff Perron, Brandie Video Producer 803-777-3696
Staff Pugh, Brandon Associate Director of Integrated Communications 803-777-4731
Staff Rodriguez, Ricardo Social Media Photo/Video Producer 803-777-9813
Staff Rogers, Martha Client Relations Manager 803-777-2255
Staff Schmolze, Peter User Interface Developer 803-777-0046
Staff Sexton, Megan Content Writer 803-777-1421
Staff Shull-Kosmos, Rhonda Printing Equipment Operator 803-777-5146
Staff Smith, Téa Content Writer 803-777-7549
Staff Spring, Melissa Manager of Strategic Projects 803-777-0759
Staff Stensland, Jeff Interim Vice President for Communications 803-777-3686 public relations, public affairs, institutional relations
Staff Strayer, Michael Director of Printing Services 803-777-2246
Staff Surette, Anna Social Media Video Producer 803-576-7340
Staff Tamasco, CJ Senior Associate Director, Social Media Strategy 803-777-7709
Staff Tate, Jenny Director of Marketing Communications 803-576-7779
Staff Taylor, Collyn Internal Communications Manager 803-777-3691
Staff Taylor, Michaela Baker Social Media Strategist 803-576-7842
Staff Thacker, Sr., Philip Printing Equipment Operator
Staff Truett, Kimberley Photographer/Digital Asset Coordinator 803-777-3627
Staff Turner, Julie Writer 803-576-7828
Staff Wertz, Bob Senior Associate Director of Visual Branding 803-777-2946
Staff Wilson, Courtney Administrative Coordinator 803-777-8161
Staff Woodward, Dana Associate Director of Academic Affairs Communications 803-576-7780
Staff Wuchenich, Kathy Executive Assistant, Human Resources and Business Manager 803-777-7440

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