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Student bakes up creative sweets, business

October 23, 2013, Katie West

Whiskey red velvet cupcakes. Bacon chocolate chip cookies. Apple bakes. Blackberry jam brownies. These and other unique and scrumptious creations are all in a day’s work for USC student Alexandra Martindale, who started her own business, Hott Noms Bakery.

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Singing the praises of Cockappella

October 08, 2013, Katie West

Some people spend a lifetime searching for something that makes their faces light up the way Ben Peele’s does when he talks about Cockappella, USC's coed singing group. Peele, now a senior psychology major, had been involved in marching band and church choirs since elementary school, but the idea of performing a cappella came later.

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Exploring country music's dark side

September 17, 2013, Katie West

USC sociology student Anna Rogers turned her interest and background with country music into an undergraduate research project examining sexism in the popular genre.