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School of Medicine Greenville

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Lifestyle Medicine

The USC School of Medicine Greenville is the first U.S. medical school to fully incorporate education in nutrition, physical activity, behavior change and self-care into all four years of the medical school curriculum.

A Healthy Curriculum

Improving South Carolinians’ health requires care providers who are skilled in counseling patients about preventing costly and debilitating chronic diseases, such as diabetes, heart disease and cancer.

Building healthy habits starts with you, day one of your M1 year. Throughout your four years of medical training, lifestyle medicine will be promoted and integrated into your classroom learning and medical school experiences. The curriculum covers topics such as eating healthy, exercising, managing stress, building healthy relationships, developing quality sleep habits and avoiding substance abuse.

You’ll learn to take care of yourself as you persevere through school, then pass along your first-hand knowledge to future patients to strengthen individual, family and community health.

The School of Medicine Greenville’s lifestyle medicine curriculum now serves as an international model to advance medical school education and patient outcomes.

If we don't train our future doctors on how to work with patients to prevent these diseases, not only the health care costs of our nation — but the morbidity and mortality related to these chronic diseases — will continue to skyrocket.

Dr. Jennifer Trilk, professor and co-founder of the Lifestyle Medicine Education Collaborative
Portrait of Jennifer Trilk

A Healthy Partnership

The innovative lifestyle medicine curriculum at the USC School of Medicine Greenville is designed to help you educate patients about chronic disease prevention and management through strong doctor-patient relationships.

We partner with Prisma Health–Upstate to introduce you to the innovative, evidence-based Total Health approach to patient care. Total Health is designed to improve patient clinical outcomes while maximizing their function and well-being.

Total Health begins with a health risk assessment to develop a patient-centered prevention and wellness program. The program emphasizes continuity of care before, during and after admissions in order to reduce the risk of acute illness, relapse or acute episodes of chronic disease and hospital admissions


A Healthy Practice

Counseling patients about wellness starts with gaining first-hand experience with lifestyle medicine strategies. As a student at the USC School of Medicine Greenville, you will embrace lifestyle medicine through various activities.

Gardening:  Learn about healthy foods from the ground up — literally! Plant fruits and vegetables in the community garden with your classmates, then learn how to prepare healthy meals.

Cooking:  Power your studies with healthy, nutrient-dense foods. Learn healthy cooking techniques in hands-on workshops taught by professional chefs.

Biking:  Ride into a healthy lifestyle. See how exercise benefits your body physically and mentally.


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