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The post-clerkship phase is an opportunity for students to rotate through various clinical learning experiences to advance their knowledge and skills in a specialty area and explore other opportunities to prepare for their next phase as a resident.

What is Post-Clerkship Curriculum like?

Once students identify their chosen specialty, they are placed into a specialty-specific intensification track. Students participate in a four-week acting internship, twelve weeks of selectives based on their chosen specialty, and twelve additional weeks of electives.  Included in the selective weeks are 2-4 weeks in a critical care environment.  At the conclusion of the post-clerkship curriculum, four weeks are dedicated to an intensification experience (Integrated Practice of Medicine 4). All students complete two weeks refining core clinical skills and procedures with competency assessment.  An additional two weeks are focused on the student’s specialty for residency (example: knot tying, instrument identification, and suturing for surgery). This intensification process is intended to better prepare students for their residency training program.


What can I expect to take this year?

Course Name
Acting Internship related to your Intended Specialty 
12 Weeks of Selectives related to your intended Specialty 
12 Weeks of Electives
Integrated Practice of Medicine 4 (Core) 
Integrated Practice of Medicine 4 (Specialty)  



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