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School of Medicine Greenville

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Medical Education

We launched our Curricular Refresh in the Fall of 2023! This integrated systems-based curriculum allows students to learn the basics in foundational sciences, followed by immersion in all the systems of the human body. Of course, we maintained our first-year EMT training and service and four-year integrated lifestyle medicine curriculum. Students have the opportunity to enter clerkships as early as March of the second year.

Make Your Medical Education Deliberately Different

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The systems-based curriculum helps you build medical knowledge and skills and apply them to offer patient-focused care. Innovative features include first-year EMT training and service and a four-year integrated lifestyle medicine curriculum.

Academic Support

Primary Care Accelerated Track Curriculum

The Primary Care Accelerated Track (PCAT), launching in July of 2024, is a 3-year accelerated pathway to an M.D. that seeks to increase primary care physicians in South Carolina. After graduating from the University of South Carolina School of Medicine Greenville (USC SOMG) in 3 years, PCAT participants will transition into a 3-year residency program in Family Medicine. Full USC SOMG tuition reimbursement will be provided in exchange for a 4-year sign-on contract to provide primary care in the state of South Carolina following residency completion.

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EMT Training and Certification

EMT training is your first medical school experience after orientation. EMT service takes you behind the scenes of patient care to get a first-hand look at many of the challenges and issues in health care delivery.

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Integrated Practice of Medicine

The four-year IPM curriculum teaches you the art of medicine, a key component of patient-centered care. Small-group learning with a dedicated clinical faculty mentor leads to focused discussions about health care delivery and specialized training to prepare you for residency.

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Lifestyle Medicine

The USC School of Medicine Greenville is the first U.S. medical school to fully incorporate education in nutrition, physical activity, behavior change and self-care into all four years of the medical school curriculum.

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Residency & Fellowships

In the class of 2022, 97 percent of graduates matched with a residency program. See where the School of Medicine Greenville can take your medical career.

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Affiliated PreMEd Programs

Explore available resources for undergraduate students to prepare you to be a successful medical school candidate. The USC School of Medicine Greenville is committed to building a pathway of diverse health practitioners who reflect underserved populations in South Carolina.

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