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School of Medicine Greenville

High Value Care, Performance Improvement and Population Health

High Value Care, Performance Improvement and Population Health

The High Value Care, Performance Improvement and Population Health Distinction Track prepares future physicians to be effective leaders and innovative participants in health care improvement. Students will learn established strategies and methods for performance improvement to achieve high-value health care for their patients and the surrounding community. The critical population health issue of substance misuse and addiction will serve as the centerpiece of this track as we work with our community partner FAVOR Greenville (Faces and Voices of Recovery).


  1. Define and explain the importance of high-value health care and its impact on population health.
  2. Discuss “costs” in health care including the basics of health insurance, payment models and definitions of “charges and costs” to both the patient and the health system.
  3. Participate in system improvement activities such as root cause analyses and quality improvement meetings.
  4. Incorporate concepts of high value care, performance improvement, and population heath in the delivery of patient care.
  5. Engage in scholarly activity pertaining to high value care, performance improvement and population health.
  6. Implement the learned Recovery Coach for Addiction skills/techniques and community resources to address, manage and treat substance misuse and addiction as an example of a population health crisis.


Curriculum Overview:

  • Complete and discuss IHI modules to obtain basic certificate
  • Complete and discuss Dell Medical School modules on High Value Care
  • Complete Recovery Coach training and learn about SUD
  • Learn about HVPAA and opportunities to submit
  • Begin research project
  • Meetings every other week until M2 begins; includes research updates and article discussion
  • Attend RCAs
  • Continue to work on research
  • Continue monthly meetings
  • One hour per week particpation on Slack discussions (can either involve posting an article for discussion or contributing to a discussion of an article already posted, or viewing an assigned webinar)
  • Prepare an abstract to submit to November HVPAA meeting (due April 2020)
  • Attend RCAs
  • Continue research
  • Meetings the first or second week of each clerkship
  • Prepare to submit research for poster/abstract
  • Attend HVPAA annual meeting in November 2020
  • Complete the performance improvement project
  • Submit for publication
  • Project presentation
  • Participate in recovery coaching projects at GHS







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