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Chairs and Directors

Department chairs and directors are the leaders within the college's academic units, and serve as liaisons between the administration and faculty. Chairs and directors are responsible for stimulating and encouraging diversity and professional growth among faculty and students.

Search by keyword or name to find the director or chair of a specific program, school, center, or institute in the College of Arts and Sciences. Select a link below to filter the list.

Academic Unit Name Title Full Title (hidden column) Phone Email Keywords
(hidden column, sorted by type)
African American Studies and Research April Langley Chair Acad. Department Chair 803-777-7248 Acad. Department Chair
Anthropology Jennifer Reynolds Chair Acad. Department Chair 803-777-5527  Acad. Department Chair 
Biological Sciences Tammi Richardson Chair Acad. Department Chair 803-777-2269 Acad. Department Chair 
Chemistry and Biochemistry Daniel Reger Chair, Interim Acad. Department Chair 803-777-2587 Acad. Department Chair 
Criminology and Criminal Justice Wendy Regoeczi Chair Acad. Department Chair 803-777-7065 Acad. Department Chair 
Earth, Ocean and Environment, School of Peter Chametzky Chair, Interim Acad. Department Chair 803-777-9823 Acad. Department Chair 
English Susan Courtney Chair Acad. Department Chair 803-777-7120 Acad. Department Chair 
Geography Jerry Mitchell  Chair Acad. Department Chair 803-777-2986 Acad. Department Chair 
History Jessica Elfenbein Chair Acad. Department Chair 803-777-2392 Acad. Department Chair 
Languages, Literatures and Cultures (LLC) Kurt Goblirsch Chair
Acad. Department Chair 803-777-4882 Acad. Department Chair
Mathematics Linyuan Lu Chair Acad. Department Chair 803-576-5800  Acad. Department Chair 
Philosophy Matthew Kisner Chair Acad. Department Chair 803-777-4166 Acad. Department Chair 
Physics and Astronomy Alexey Petrov Chair
Acad. Department Chair 803-777-4166 Acad. Department Chair 
Political Science Kirk Randazzo Chair Acad. Department Chair 803-777-3109 Acad. Department Chair 
Psychology Nicole Zarrett Chair, Interim Acad. Department Chair 803-777-4638 Acad. Department Chair 
Religious Studies Erin Roberts Chair Acad. Department Chair 401-481-2484 Acad. Department Chair 
Sociology Brent Simpson Chair Acad. Department Chair 803-777-3123 Acad. Department Chair 
Statistics Joshua Tebbs Chair Acad. Department Chair 803-576-8765 Acad. Department Chair 
Theatre and Dance Jim Hunter Chair Acad. Department Chair 803-777-1203  Acad. Department Chair 
Visual Art and Design, School of  Laura Kissel Chair Acad. Department Chair 803-777-4236  Acad. Department Chair 
Women's and Gender Studies Stephanie Mitchem Chair, Interim Acad. Department Chair 803-576-5995 Acad. Department Chair
Cardiovascular Technology Lydia Matesic Director Centers/Institutes, Director 803-777-2520 Program Director 
Film and Media Studies Lauren Steimer Program Director  Academic Program Director 803-777-4236 Academic Program Director 
Jewish Studies Program Meir Muller Program Director, Interim  Academic Program Director 803-777-7299 Academic Program Director 
Linguistics Mila Tasseva-Kurktchieva Program Director  Academic Program Director 803-777-8312  Academic Program Director 
Master of Public Administration (MPA) Neal Woods Interim Director Centers/Institutes, Director 803-777-7359 Interim Director 
Museum Management Lana Burgess Director Centers/Institutes, Director 803-777-5486 Program Director 
Neuroscience Jessica Green Director Centers/Institutes, Director 803-777-4595 Program Director
Ann Johnson Institute for Science, Technology and Society

Allison Marsh
Leah McClimans

Co-Director Centers/Institutes, Director

Centers/Institutes, Director
Belle Baruch Institute for Marine and Coastal Sciences William Strosnider Director, Interim
Centers/Institutes, Director 843-904-9031 Centers/Institutes, Director 
Bioethics, Center for George Khushf Director Centers/Institutes, Director 803-777-7371 Centers/Institutes, Director 
Colorectal Cancer Prevention Network (CCPN) Annie Thibault Director Centers/Institutes, Director 803-777-1231  Centers/Institutes, Director 
Electron Microscopy Center  Soumitra Ghoshroy Director  Centers/Institutes, Director 803-777-7085  Centers/Institutes, Director 
Humanities Collaborative Holly Crocker Faculty Leader Centers/Institutes, Director 803-576-5957 Centers/Institutes, Director 
McCausland Center for Brain Imaging Chris Rorden (co-director) Director  Centers/Institutes, Director 803-777-4137  Centers/Institutes, Director 
McKissick Museum Jane Przybysz Director  Centers/Institutes, Director 803-777-7251  Centers/Institutes, Director 
Mind and Brain, Institute for Rutvik Desai Director  Centers/Institutes, Director 803-777-9029 Centers/Institutes, Director 
Science Education, Center for Katherine Ryker
Sean Yee
Centers/Institutes, Director 803-777-2768
Centers/Institutes, Director 
Southern Studies, Institute for  Mark Smith Director  Academic Program Director 803-777-6362 Academic Program Director
SC Institute of Archaeology and Anthropology (SCIAA) Adam King Director Centers/Institutes, Director 803-576-6577 Centers/Institutes, Director 
Walker Institute of International and Area Studies Carl Dahlmann Director Academic Program Director 803-777-2679

Academic Program Director

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