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Registration will be required, and questions for the dean can be submitted online prior to the meeting.


Cyber policy and ethics students shine in global competition

A team of University of South Carolina students had to solve an international crisis as part of a competition called Cyber 9/12 Strategy Challenge. The situation was fictional, but their solution to the problem had to be based on real-world policy dealing with technology that crosses borders. The experience gave them a taste of what their future careers may be like.

Unique experiences make graduating Cocky's time as mascot worth it

When Tramont Miles first read the email, he thought someone was pulling an April Fools' prank on him. It was April 1, 2022 and the email was telling him he was selected for one of the most undercover jobs at South Carolina.

2010 international studies graduate runs wine school in Colorado

Kellie Martin can still remember the moment when she changed her mind about wine. She was in college, sitting in a French café with a friend and overwhelmed by the expansive menu and wine list. Her friend stepped in, offering to order wine for them.

Supporting 'democracy' is hard for many who feel government and the economy are failing them

A recent survey shows that a substantial portion of people across countries feel unrepresented by their governments and are dissatisfied with how their democracy is functioning. Political science professor Matthew Wilson writes for The Conversation about this pattern of "democratic backsliding."

Here's to the class of 2024!

Hear from members of the College of Arts and Sciences' graduating class as they share their best memories, advice and hopes for the future.

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