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National Resource Center for The First-Year Experience and Students in Transition


The National Resource Center for The First-Year Experience and Students in Transition provides insight and thought leadership on how institutions of higher education support successful and equitable student transitions.

We are committed to crafting and conducting high-quality research that expands our understanding of transitions. We achieve this by engaging in inquiry on a wide range of student success supports including, but intentionally beyond, The First-Year Experience; contributing and pushing conversation on creating equitable higher education environments supporting student transitions; and disseminating information gathered through research to create spaces for conversation that will intentionally connect research to practice.

2023 National Survey on the First-Year Experience

We are excited to announce the administration of the 2023 National Survey on the First-Year Experience. We welcome all institutional types and request submissions by submitted by Wednesday, September 27, 2023.

To assist in institutional data collection, view the full survey and instructions prior to submitting.

Even if your campus does not offer some of the programs listed, we request that you or a representative from your campus take just a few minutes to complete a few questions on the survey.

Preparing for Submission

This document contains the full version of the 2023 National Survey on the First-Year Experience. This document will give you a sense of the content for the purpose of identifying the best institutional contact to complete the questionnaire and/or receive information to ensure accuracy of data submitting. The survey is set up in several “branch patterns,” meaning that it is unlikely that any one institution will complete all these questions.


This survey is intended to gather information regarding the first-year experience at your institution. The "first-year experience" refers to any program, initiative, and/or educational activity specifically or intentionally geared toward first-year students. This goes beyond merely making educational activities available to first-year (non-transfer) students. We are interested in learning about your school's first-year experience and the students it serves.

You will be asked about the following activities related to your institution's first-year experience:

  • General information about your institution's attention to the first-year
  • First-year seminars
  • Pre-term orientation
  • First-year academic advising
  • First-year learning communities
  • Residential programs or initiatives
  • Early alert/academic warning systems
  • Common reading programs

In each of these sections, we will be asking questions about the following features of first-year initiatives:

  • Students who participate
  • Formats and characteristics
  • Staffing and administration
  • Assessment

COVID-19 open-ended question

The end of the survey includes the following required open-ended question:

In thinking about the first-year experience at your institution, identify and describe practice(s) that were implemented during the COVID-19 pandemic that remain in effect today?


If you have any questions regarding the survey, contact Dr. Jamil D. Johnson at

We thank you for your time and participation in the 2023 National Survey on the First-Year Experience.

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