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Resident Assistant

The Resident Assistant (RA) is a full-time student selected to serve as an advisor, referral resource, and positive role model to residents by exhibiting compassion and concern to guide them through their Carolina experience. Under direct supervision, the RA ensures the safety and security of residents through established protocols, provides administrative support and assists with larger departmental initiatives. Under general supervision and in alignment with the Knowing, Connecting, Empowering Student Engagement framework. The RA hosts events, shares important information, has intentional conversations with a focus on a group of 25 to 60 residents.

Application Update 

The Fall 2025 - Spring 2026 Resident Assistant (RA) application will open October 1, 2024.


Resident Assistant (RA) Job Description 

Here is where you can find out more information on what this job entails.

Applying To Be An RA FAQ

A - The Resident Assistant role is responsible for overseeing a group of residents on a full or partial residence hall floor.  During their time in the role, RAs are expected to be accessible and build relationships with residents. RAs are trained to provide resources, share community information and updates, host events, perform Health & Safety Inspections for resident rooms, and assist with crisis response situations to help manage emergencies.  

While serving as a role model to residents, the RA position is designed to not only help individuals grow but also foster educational and life skills to support residents. 

A - In early August, RAs are expected to be present for all days of mandatory training (IMPACT). Dates for IMPACT are announced towards the end of the Spring semester. There are typically two trainings every year: an initial IMPACT training in late summer before Fall Move-In for around 7-8 days, and for a few days in early January prior to the first day of Spring semester classes. Trainings go through transferable skills and practical experiences, such as crisis response, talking to residents, event and program building, and more! 

  • RAs are expected to hold weekly engagement hours within their Residence Halls.
  • RAs have a weekly staff meeting led by their supervisor for up to two hours on Wednesday evenings.  
  • RAs are expected to have regular one-on-one meetings with their supervisor(s). 
  • RAs are expected to serve on a crisis-response rotation (also know as being “on duty” or “on call”) with fellow members of the RA Staff to support residents after-hours for concerns or emergencies that may arise. 
  • RAs are expected to build community regularly on their floor and with all residents in the building including but not limited to: 
    • Build relationships with residents through regular one-on-one conversations.
    • Help mediate issues and provide resources to residents as needed  
    • Maintain accessibility for residents to reach out as needed.  
    • Conduct health and safety checks 

A - If the class is offered, then RAs will be expected to attend. This information will be shared, if applicable.  

A - Being on duty is when an RA holds a phone during the times when the university is not open for business hours. During this time, the RA would answers any calls and respond to incidents including, but not limited to: lockouts, resident concerns, noise complaints, and facilities concerns. Being on duty consists of responding to such emergencies and contacting the appropriate individuals, documenting situations, and walking through the building to conduct “duty rounds.” 

Some communities are open during Winter break (refer to the position description for the full list). Each staff will work together to schedule for all break periods. 

A - Yes, International Students who meet all requirements listed here, can serve as an RA. Please contact the USC International Student and Scholar support office at 803-777-7461 or for further assistance.

A - All RAs are expected to prioritize the RA position over other non-academic responsibilities. If an RA is interested in holding another on or off campus job while also serving as an RA they will need to get approval from their supervisor prior to starting the second job. The RA position requires a lot of time and effort.

A -

  • Building and maintaing relationships
  • Leadership Skills
  • Time Management
  • Event Planning
  • Addressing confrontation
  • Holding other accountable for their actions
  • Managing Crises

A - You will be required to live on campus for the role.

University Housing desires to meet your housing accommodation needs and will work directly with the Student Disability Resource Center for all approved accommodations. It is your responsibility to follow all appropriate steps with the SDRC to get accommodations approved. It is advised to register with the Student Disability Resource Center (SDRC) no later than May 1 to ensure that we are best able to meet any approved accommodations. More information can be found on their webpage.

You should not complete a Housing application unless you are already planning to live on campus for the 2025-26 academic year.

  • For those who that have already completed a housing application and choose to move forward with accepting the position.
  • For those that do not have a housing application, further instructions will be sent if you choose to move forward with joining our team.

For all staff, your Housing assignment will be updated at a later date. This will not require you to cancel your housing contract (if applicable).


  • RAs are not guaranteed single spaces; however, our RAs are provided a single space when possible.  Some communities consist of RA spaces being placed in apartments or suites. RAs placed in apartment or suite style units will not have the opportunity to request a roommate. 

A - University Housing does not advise on what to do regarding leasing, however, RA placement will happen in mid February. 

The Off-Campus Living and Neighborhood Relations office is the best resource for questions related to off-campus housing,.

A - No, this is a decision that is made based on the needs of the community.  

A - Grade checks will happen at the end of every semester. If you don't meet the GPA minimum requirements for the position and are above a 2.0, then you would be put on academic probation. If you fall under a 2.0, then you will get an academic-based rescinded offer.

Academic Probation

  • Under this status you would be able to be in the role and will be required to follow specific guidelines to be eligible to continue in the RA role. Specifics will be communicated after grades are checked. Further instructions will come out after grades are checked.

Academic-Based Offer Rescind

  • Under this status, your offer of employment will be rescinded. 

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