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Required Insurance

Personal property and liability insurance is required for all students. You will need a minimum of $5,000 of coverage for fire and water damage, theft and vandalism plus a $50,000 liability insurance policy.

What Insurance is Required

Students are required to have personal property and liability insurance when living in on-campus housing.

Personal Property Insurance: We require a minimum of $5,000 in coverage for fire and water damage, theft and vandalism. 

Liability Insurance: We require $50,000 in liability coverage in the case that your negligence results in damages to university properties or to others. 


GradGuard Insurance

We don't offer renter's insurance to students, but we have partnered with GradGuard and their College Renters Insurance Plan.

GradGuard Insurance Coverage


Why GradGuard

For about 50 cents a day, you'll receive:

  • Theft and Fire Protection: For your laptop, bicycle, cell phone, etc.
  • Worldwide Coverage: Your belongings are covered anywhere you travel.
  • Liability Protection: Coverage if you accidentally damage your living space or cause damage to others.
  • Replacement Cost: If your property is stolen, you will be covered to replace it.

This plan doesn't require a credit check. It also offers a lower deductible and preferred rates.


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