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  • McBryde C building by the patio table area


Traditional-style housing for male students near the student union and the library. 

At a Glance

  • Housing for male students
  • Traditional-style rooms
  • Located behind Thomas Cooper Library (map)
  • Home to one of the strongest-knit communities on campus



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Where You'll Live

Each room comes with a combination fridge and microwave (Microfridge) and two lofted beds.


  • Tile floor
  • Two beds
  • Two dressers
  • Two closets
  • Two desks w/chairs
  • Microfridge included


Wi-Fi: Yes
Internet Connection: Yes (2 per room)
Cable is not available in the residence halls.


Floors: 3
Keycard Access: No


Bathroom: Two per floor 
Laundry Rooms: Two washers and dryers per floor


Total Area: 14' x 14'5"
Window: 80" wide x 64" tall (windows do not open)
Ceiling Height: 104"
Wall Type: Cement
Microfridge Rental: No, microfridge comes in the room.


Bed Size: 80" (extra long twin)
Bed Frame: 42" wide x 86" long x 36" tall
Maximum Bed Height: 34"
Desk: 24" deep x 42" wide x 30" tall
Desk Chair: 22" deep x 20" wide x 33" tall
Dresser: 24" deep x 30" wide x 30" tall
Dresser Drawers: 5" deep (3 drawers)
Closet: 27" deep x 48" wide x 81" tall

Loftable Bed: Yes, please reference the policy.

Floor plans, layouts, dimensions and features may vary.

Assistant Residence Life Coordinator: 1 Graduate Student
Resident Mentors:  10 Undergraduate Students


Is this the place for you?

The new incoming student housing application is now live via the Housing portal at  The deadline to apply is May 3.



Some insurance providers will request the physical address of your student’s residence hall. The address for McBryde is listed below.  Please remember that USPS, UPS and FedEx will not deliver to our residence halls. Packages and mail should be sent to your student’s USC PO Box.

McBryde A:
1309 Blossom Street
Columbia, SC 29208

McBryde B:
1311 Blossom Street
Columbia, SC 29208

McBryde C:
1313 Blossom Street
Columbia, SC 29208

McBryde F:
611 Marion Street
Columbia, SC 29208

McBryde G:
613 Marion Street
Columbia, SC 29208

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