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Health Systems Research

We focus on processes and their effects on health care results. 

Dr. Joan Culley’s $2.5 million NIH/NLM-funded grant entitled, Validating Triage for Chemical Mass Casualty Incidents - A First Step, is designed to improve the triage process during chemical mass casualty incidents (MCI). Data from her previous NIH/NLM-funded grant indicated that there are currently no informatics tools to rapidly identify the early stages of a chemical incident, process victims efficiently, nor make triage recommendations for victims of chemicals mass casualty incidents MCIs). Her current four-year grant has been in operation for a little less than a year. She has a multi-disciplinary team that includes, a bioinformatics computer engineer, human computer interaction scientist, industrial hygienist, expert in the development and use of complex database management systems, expert in public health preparedness, chronic disease/environmental epidemiologist and a biostatician.   

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