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School of Medicine Greenville


M3 & M4 Clinical Clerkship Contacts

April Buchanan, M.D.

Associate Dean for Curriculum

Anne Green Buckner

Manager, Academic Affairs and Clinical Education

Theresa Baultrippe

Coordinator, M3 Academic Year

Shannon Ruppel

Coordinator, M4 Academic Year

Page Bridges, M.D.

M3 Clerkship Director, Emergency Medicine

Melissa Janse, M.D.

M4 Clerkship Director, Emergency Medicine

Ryan Duhe, M.D.

Associate Clerkship Director, Emergency Medicine

Jess Marke

M3/M4 Clerkship Coordinator, Emergency Medicine


M3/M4 Clerkship Director, Family Medicine 

Joy Shen-Wagner, M.D.

M4 Clerkship Director, Family Medicine

Ashley Pagliaro

M3/M4 Clerkship Coordinator, Family Medicine

Aniel Rao, M.D.

M3 Clerkship Director, Internal Medicine

Shannon Burgess, M.D.

M4 Clerkship Director, Internal Medicine

Lisa Nevalainen

M3/M4 Clerkship Coordinator, Internal Medicine

Christy Lee, M.D.

M3 Clerkship Director, Obstetrics and Gynecology

Hema Brazell, M.D.

M4 Clerkship Director, Obstetrics and Gynecology

Tawana Teasley

M3/M4 Clerkship Coordinator, Obstetrics and Gynecology

Michael Sridhar, M.D.

M3/M4 Clerkship Director, Orthopedic Surgery

Robin Powser

M3/M4 Clerkship Coordinator, Orthopedic Surgery

Joshua Brownlee, M.D.

M3 Clerkship Director, Pediatrics

Amanda Hartke, M.D.

M4 Clerkship Director, Pediatrics

Tempie Morrison

M3 / M4 Clerkship Coordinator, Pediatrics

Benjamin Griffeth, M.D.

M3 Clerkship Director, Psych/Neuro, M4 Clerkship Director, Psychiatry

Sandip Jain, M.D.

M3 Clerkship Director, Psych/Neuro, M4 Clerkship Director, Neurology

Rachel Clyborne

M3 / M4 Clerkship Coordinator, Psych/Neuro, PM&R, Radiology

Joseph Camunas, M.D.

M3 Clerkship Director, Surgery

Kristen Spoor, M.D.

M4 Clerkship Director, Surgery


M3 / M4 Clerkship Coordinator, Surgery

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