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School of Medicine Greenville

  • A doctor explains to students a problem written on an illuminated whiteboard.

First Year Curriculum (M1)

After the initial phase of hands-on EMT training, you will begin your foundational studies of the scientific basis of medicine.

What are M1 classes like?

In the M1 year, you will primarily focus on the normal human body, with continuous reinforcement of the clinical relevancy of your studies and integration of clinical skills. Weekly clinical scenarios will punctuate and emphasize how alterations of normal processes lead to illness and disease. You will be challenged to recognize deviations from normal and identify where deviations most likely occurred.


What can I expect to take this year?

Course Name
M1 Orientation
Integrated Practice of Medicine 1a
EMT Training Module
Molecular and Cellular Foundations of Medicine
Structure and Function of the Human Body 1
Course Name
Integrated Practice of Medicine 1b
Structure and Function of the Human Body 2
Defenses and Responses


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