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School of Medicine Greenville

  • Three female medical students discuss an issue with a female professor.


Working toward your success, the USC School of Medicine Greenville provides tutoring activities to help our medical students improve their understanding of instructional material and promote appropriate study habits.

Tutoring Program Options

Whether you choose one-on-one, small group or large group tutoring sessions, this program encourages effective team interactions and provides support for retention of materials in preparation for NBME Step 1.


One-On-One Tutoring

One-on-one tutoring is designed to fill the knowledge gaps and areas of weakness identified by M1, M2 and M3 medical students. One-on-one tutoring may be required after meeting with the course directors, academic advisors or as a recommendation by school administrators.


Small Group Tutoring

Small group tutoring addresses areas of particular complexity as determined by module faculty or as requested by the students. Small group sessions include regular formative review sessions and assigned group sessions.


Workshops and Large Group Sessions

NBME Step 1 workshops are open to the entire M1 and M2 classes and are held at regularly scheduled times. These sessions consist of review of expansive or complex topics as well as case reviews facilitated by peer-created study guides.

Prior to major summative exams, group sessions review the major concepts of a particular module. Sessions will be led by qualified senior students who passed the tutor selection criteria.

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