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Senior Thesis Grant Application

This $1,500 Senior Thesis/Project Grant is included in the $6,000 limit of SCHC research funding. For example, if you have received $5,000 from Honors College research funding, you have $1,000 left of research grant funding that may be available to you to apply for a senior thesis grant.

The grant will not pay for expenses retroactively. Your grant must be approved before purchases can begin. All grant purchases become the property of the Honors College.  Any work supported by the Senior Thesis/Project grant and subsequently presented or published should cite the support as: "This work was supported in part by the South Carolina Honors College Senior Thesis/Project Grant (include initials of students)."

Request for incentives (cash or gift cards) or food purchases will not be considered. Any request for travel costs should include a letter of support from the thesis director explaining the purpose and use of travel for the senior thesis.

Eligibility: Students must be enrolled in SCHC 499 or approved honors thesis course equivalent to be considered for thesis grant funds.

Due Date: November 1 for December graduates; March 1 for May graduates.

Approval: Applications are reviewed on an on-going basis and students will be notified of approval and next steps via email from Dr. Kay Banks. 

Group Projects: If you are completing a joint project with another senior, each group member is eligible to apply for the $1500.

Application Checklist:

  • Upload “Description of Expenses” section with a detailed list of items, costs per item and  summary how the funds will enhance your thesis.
  • If you are seeking funds for travel, include a printout using Google maps for mileage or airline costs (i.e. from,, etc.).

Foley Thesis Project scholarship: $1000 award to a senior enrolled in SCHC 499 who is working on a thesis creative project and not writing a traditional thesis.  In your proposal explain why your thesis is a thesis creative project and should be considered for this award.

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