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Latino Postsecondary Enrollment Delayers: ATexas StoryTold in 10Years

Author(s): Suchitra V. Gururaj

Citation: Suchitra V. Gururaj. (2021). Latino Postsecondary Enrollment Delayers: ATexas StoryTold in 10Years. Journal of The First-Year Experience & Students in Transition, 33(1), 51-74.



Students who delay immediate postsecondary enrollment may forego individual benefits, or represent misplaced resources for higher education institutions by not persisting once enrolled. Understanding the various pathways of diverse students is especially important in states that are experiencing a major demographic shift. Using a multi-agency dataset, this study analyzes extensive P-16state student- level data tracking of the 2004 Texas high school graduating cohort at six and 10 years after high school graduation. This study describes Texas Latino students’ persistence and graduation outcomes to shed light on the long-term effects of postsecondary enrollment delay, to identify moments of intervention through the education pipe- line, and to inform research and practice that increases success in higher education by nontraditional students at diverse institutions.


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