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National Resource Center for The First-Year Experience and Students in Transition

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Advisors' Tools, Resources, and Partnerships

Author(s): Poch, S.

Editor(s): Fox, J. R., & Martin, H. E.

Citation: Poch, S. (2017). Advisors' Tools, Resources, and Partnerships. In Fox, J. R., & Martin, H. E., Academic Advising and the First College Year (pp. 181-198). Columbia, SC: University of South Carolina, National Resource Center for The First-Year Experience & Students in Transition.



This chapter presents various tools, partnerships, resources, and communities that heavily aid in the professional success of advisors. With an increasingly diverse population entering higher education, academic advisors have to be equipped to manage an array of student needs and issues. Therefore, advisors have a growing need to access an array of resources to support the ever changing interest of first-year students. Technology, such as predictive analytics and early-warning systems, has become a key aid in advising, allowing advisors to collect information to tackle issues as early as possible. Additional tools like Banner, PeopleSoft, and Blackboard offer resources for advisors and students alike to monitor academic progress and grades. The chapter also lists various networks and resources both on and off campus that would be beneficial for an advisor. Some examples of these include orientation programs, professional networks and associations, and professional development events. Partnerships with academic services, student life, multicultural centers, international student programs, and health services can also be immensely beneficial for advisors as these offices provide additional resources that may benefit a student beyond what an advisor can provide.


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