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The Division of Information Technology

IT Governance

A strong and reliable Information Technology (IT) division is imperative to the success of the University of South Carolina. Input from a broad base of stakeholders is necessary to ensure IT services support the academic and research goals of the university. Several groups, made up of thought and opinion leaders from across the system, have been established to provide direct input in IT strategies and initiatives. 

Current Governance Groups

The groups below were initiated in the 2017-18 academic year. Several other groups will be established in the future. 

Faculty & Staff IT Advisory Committee

Identity & Access Management Advisory Committee

IT Security Advisory Committee

Student Advisory Committee

Student Systems Council

Technical Review Board


Governance Structure

There are three types of governance groups: advisory committees, councils, and boards. Advisory groups are non-voting groups that meet to brainstorm ideas and offer suggestions and input on IT projects. Councils have voting rights and responsibility for resource allocation. The Executive Steering Board is comprised of university officials and not only has voting rights, but final authority on decisions. The model below illustrates the overall governace process in the Division of Information Technology. Some groups illustrated have not yet been established.