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Division of Information Technology

Data Standards, Data Quality and Integrity Assurance

These programs facilitate accurate understanding and correct use of University Data through several mechanisms, including data definitions, data standards, data quality, and data integrity assurance. USC will be keeping with its policy UNIV 1.51, Data and Information Governance.  

  • Data definitions - ensure that the meaning of data is clear and not subject to interpretation or opinion
  • Data standards - establish what values are expected and permissible within data elements
  • Data quality rules and related activities ensure that University Data is:
    • accurate – free of errors
    • complete – data is present, not missing or only partial)
    • consistent – complies with data definitions and standards
    • current – up to date
    • timely – data are present by the time they are needed
  • Data integrity assurance - activities ensures that actual data values conform to definitions, standards, and quality rules, that errors and variance are remediated, and that controls are put in place to prevent future recurrence of issues

Data Standards User Guides



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