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All University of South Carolina system institutions will be closed through the end of the spring semester. Columbia campus virtual instruction will continue through the conclusion of final exams in May. Details can be found on the coronavirus landing page.

Division of Information Technology


A strong and reliable Information Technology (IT) division is imperative to the success of the University of South Carolina. Input from a broad base of stakeholders is necessary to ensure IT services support the academic and research goals of the university. Several groups, made up of thought and opinion leaders from across the system, have been established to provide direct input in IT strategies and initiatives. 

Current Governance Groups


The IT Executive Board provides oversight of major projects, service improvements, and infrastructure investments. Committee members make recommendations about university-wide IT strategies, investments, projects and initiatives. Committee members ensure consistent progress toward a mature IT governance model at UofSC. The Vice President of Information Technology and Chief Information Officer serves as chair of the committee. Membership is reviewed every two years by the Provost and Chief Operating Officer and adjusted as needed.

Membership, 2019-20:

Doug Foster - Chief Information Officer 
Michelle Foster - Executive Director of IT Governance and Strategic Communication
Tayloe Harding -  Interim Provost, University of South Carolina
Hossein Haj-Hariri -  Dean, College of Engineering and Computing
Eddie King - Assistant to the President for System Affairs
Tina J. Dennis - Director of Administrative Services
Dennis Pruitt - Vice President for Student Affairs and Vice Provost 
Heather Heckman - Faculty Senate IT Chair
Ed Walton - Senior Vice President for Administration and Chief Operating Officer
Luke Rankin - Student Body President 


Meeting Notes:


ITEB Charter

The Business Intelligence Council is the decision-making body to set priorities, monitor performance, and steer our efforts with data analytics, business intelligence, and reporting. The council meets four times a year or more frequently at its own direction. The senior-most institutional research/effectiveness officer for each senior campus and Palmetto College are ex officio members. One senior representative each for Finance, Human Resources, and Student Affairs are also represented. 

Membership, 2019-2020:

Sabrina Andrews - Executive Director of the Office of Institutional Research and Assessment
Stacey Bradley - Senior Associate Vice President for Student Affairs and Academic Support
Kelly Epting - Associate VP for Finance
Sammara Evans - Director of Institutional Planning and Research – USC Upstate
Stacy Lee - Human Resources Information Systems Manager
Brian Mallory - Director of Institutional Effectiveness and Research - USC Beaufort
Caroline Maulana - Business Intelligence Strategist 
Joseph G. Mews - Assistant Dean for Enrollment Management
Nicole Spensely - Director of Institutional Effectiveness, Research, and Compliance - USC Aiken


September 16, 2019 [pdf]

The Faculty and Staff IT Advisory Committee consists of approximately 30 cross-representative thought and opinion leaders that work together to make sure all stakeholders’ interests and needs are considered. The group meets four times per year to discuss and prioritize IT topics for further exploration. Committee members identify IT initiatives that will benefit the education and research goals of the university. Topics on which to focus are selected by vote of the entire committee. Small, ad‐hoc teams are assigned to each topic. These teams take approximately 6-8 weeks to research topics, identify benefits of implementation, uncover potential restraints, and submit a formal report to the entire committee. After reviewing the reports of subcommittees, the committee may approve initiatives for implementation. The Chief Information Officer and Division of Information Technology will then take ownership of implementation. All reports of subcommittees will be listed on this page. 
If you are interested in joining the group for the 2019-20 academic year, we would love your involvement. Please email Michelle Foster at

Membership, 2018-19:

Bob Brookshire - Director of Graduate Studies/Professor, Integrated Information Technology
Kevin Bush - Marketing and Public Relations, Theatre & Dance
Juan Caicedo - Undergraduate Student Director/Professor, College of Engineering and Computing
Greg Cherry - Problem Manager, Division of Information Technology
Laurel Eddins - Strategic Services Director, Division of Information Technology 
Rob Gibbons - Director of Prospect Analytics Services, Advancement Services
John Grego - Professor/Department Chair, Statistics
Heather Heckman - Director, Moving Image Research Collection, University Libraries
Matt Heightland - Server Manager, USC Beaufort
Jeff Hostilo - Director of Collaborative Technology and Academic Support, Division of Information Technology
Geniese James - Director of Information Resources, Office of the Provost
Trevor Jerue - Knowledge Manager, Division of Information Technology
Mike Kelly - Executive Director of Teaching and Learning Technology, Chief Data Officer, Division of Information Technology
Bob Lipe - Clinical Professor, Darla Moore School of Business
Sheree Martin - Information Systems Business Analyst, Financial Aid
Gary Moore - Assistant Dean for Academic Technology, School of Law
Nina Moreno - Associate Professor, Languages, Literatures and Cultures; Linguistics, College of Arts and Sciences 
Sunny Park - Associate Professor, Management Science
Jeremy Parrott - Deputy Chief Information Security Officer, Division of Information Technology
Susa Rathbun-Grubb - Assistant Professor, School of Library & Information Science
Dave Rodriguez - Network Manager, College of Social Work
Sean Sims - Student Information Systems Program Manager, Division of Information Technology
Ben Torkian - Senior Applications Scientist, Research Computing, Division of Information Technology
Eric Vejerano - Assistant Professor, Environmental Health Sciences, Arnold School of Public Health
Ashley Ward - Service Delivery Manager
Gloria Washington - Instructional Designer, Center for Teaching Excellence

Topics Under Exploration in Spring 2019:

  • Software Training

  • Blockchain Technology

  • Course Evaluation Tool

  • Distributed Learning facility

  • Media Production facility 

Topics Explored in Fall 2018:

Click on a report to see the list of individuals who worked on the topic.

 Topics Explored in Spring 2018:

Click on a report to see the list of individuals who worked on the topic. 

Topics Explored in Fall 2017:

Click on a report to see the list of individuals who worked on the topic. 



The Identity and Access Management (IAM) Advisory Committee advises the DoIT on establishing priorities and procedures regarding the products, applications, and platforms that manage the identity of users and their access to university systems. The committee is composed of faculty, students, and staff representing areas across the university system who are knowledgeable in their respective fields of expertise. Meetings are held quarterly and members serve two-year, renewable terms. Appointments are for two-year renewable terms.

Membership, 2018-19:

Glenn Bunton - Director of Library Technology Services
Dagmara Bruce - Director of Human Resources, USC Upstate
Joey Derrick - Director of Financial Aid, Columbia campus
Bob Dyer - Director of Information Technology, Palmetto College
Michael Galbreth - Professor, Department of Management Science, Darla Moore School of Business
Matt Heightland - Server Manager, USC Beaufort
Brad Holt - PeopleSoft Finance Program Manager, Administration and Finance
Stacy Lee - Human Resources Information Systems Manager, Columbia campus
Aaron Marterer - Registrar, Columbia campus
Darryl Nash - Identity and Access Management Program Manager, Division of Information Technology
Roscoe Patterson - Assistant Director of IT Audit, Audit and Advisory Services
Clint Saidy - President, Graduate Student Association
Randy Shelley - Executive Director of Application Services, Division of Information Technology
Karen Smith - OneCarolina Coordinator, USC Aiken
Ben Torkian - Senior Applications Scientist, Research Cyberinfrastructure
Oleg Uvarov - Facilities IT Manager, Facilities
Mary Wagner - Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management and Executive Director of Undergraduate Admissions, Columbia campus


The IT Security Advisory Committee includes approximately 20 members from academic and administrative areas, with a mix of both faculty and staff. The group provides advice to the Chief Information Security Officer regarding information security and how to best achieve the goals of the Information Security Program. It also promotes visibility of information security across the system.

Membership, 2018-19:

Cheryl Addy - Vice Provost and Dean of the Graduate School
Carolina Agardy - Associate Vice President for Human Resource Programs and Services
Brandi Boniface - Associate Director of Sponsored Awards Management, Division of Research
Sonya Brown - Associate Vice President for System Plannin, Division of System Planning
Matt Cleary - Director of Information Technology, Student Affairs
Pam Doran - Executive Director of Audit and Advisory Services
Doug Foster - Vice President of Information Technology and Chief Information Officer
John Grego - Department Chair/Professor, Department of Statistics
Hossein Haj-Hariri - Dean of College of Engineering and Computing
Eddie King - Chief Information Officer, USC Beaufort
George Lampl - Associate General Counsel
Ross Lordo - Student Body President  
Ernest Pringle - Vice Chancellor for Information Technology, USC Aiken
Randy Rollings - Director of Information Technology, Athletics
Tom Scott - Executive Director of SC Cyber, Office of Economic Engagement
Marcos Vieyra - Chief Information Security Officer, Division of Information Technology
Ed Walton - Chief Operating Officer
Chris Wuchenich - Associate Vice President and Chief of USC Police


ln Spring 2019, the unITe working group was established as a collaborate effort of colleges and departments across the system. The purpose of unITe is to collectively define and implement a portfolio of projects designed to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the collective IT function across the system. 

The first project the group chose to investigate was an integrated Help Desk for students, faculty, and staff. Currently, several departments have their own IT Help Desks, in addition to the Service Desk that is offered by the DoiT. 

Membership, 2019-20:

David Brown College of Pharmacy
Doug Foster - Division of IT
Matt Joy - College of Education
Charles Kerns - Darla Moore School of Business
Eddie King - System Affairs
Gary Moore - School of Law
David Mullaney - College of Arts and Sciences
David Rodriguez - College of Social Work
Randy Rollings - Athletics
Jason Trenary - School of Music
Ronni Wilkinson - College of Engineering and Computing  



The Student Advisory Committee is an officially chartered group of the Student Government Association. Comprised of 10-15 members representing a variety of disciplines and majors, the group meets with the Vice President for Information Technology four times per academic year. The committee allows central IT to share developments and updates, and gain valuable input. Students are also encouraged to share ideas and ask questions about IT initiatives. The students are then charged with sharing information they learn with their peer groups.

Membership, 2019-20:

Ben Cottingham - Operations and Supply Chain major, Senior
Billy Fitzpatrick - Undecided major, Freshman 
Sam Granelli - Cardiovascular Technology major, Freshman
Ian Jin - Journalism major, Freshman
Michelle Long - Integrated Information Technology major, Senior
Sean Merritt - Advertising major, Senior
Samantha Petrelli - Accounting major, Senior
Kyle Roop - Finance major, Senior
Sean Roop - Business major, Freshman


The Student Systems Council is a voting, decision-making body made up of representatives that work directly with students. The Council is responsible for the review and approval of projects and enhancements related to student systems such as Banner and The group prioritizes projects across units and resolves conflicts between competing projects. They approve the Student Systems roadmap and recommend technology-related university policies to the Executive Steering Board.

Membership, 2019-20:

Sabrina Andrews - Executive Director of the Office of Institutional Research and Assessment
Joey Derrick - Director of Financial Aid
Aaron Marterer - University Registrar
Nicole Pressley - University Bursar
John Ross - USCB, Director of Enterprise Applications
Randy Shelley - Executive Director of Application Services
Mary Wagner - Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management and Executive Director of Undergraduate Admissions


The Technical Review Board (TRB) consists of technology leaders in the eight-campus system who work together to develop enterprise technology standards and encourage their adoption with the overall goal of reducing technology duplication and operational costs. The TRB meets virtually to review new proposed IT initiatives and make recommendations to the CIO.

Membership, 2019-20:

Michael Dollar - Director of Distributed IT, Division of Information Technology 
Bob Dyer - Director of Information Technology, Palmetto College
Don Frank - Deputy Chief Information Security Officer, Division of Information Technology
Rob Gordon - Senior Information Security Engineer, USC Upstate
Lee Hallman - IT Manager, Department of Biological Sciences, Chair Network Managers Group
Marshall Hollis - Infrastructure Administrator, College of Engineering and Computing 
Jeff Hostilo - Director of Collaborative Technology and Academic Support, Division of Information Technology
Charles Kerns - Chief Technology Officer, Darla Moore School of Business
Jessie O'Connor - Systems Architect, Division of Information Technology
Christian Price - Sciences Technology Support Manager, College of Arts and Sciences
Randy Rollings - Director of Information Technology, Athletics
Paul Sagona - Executive Director of Research Computing, Division of Information Technology 
Joyce Shealy - Continuous Service Improvement Coordinator, Division of Information Technology
Randy Shelley - Interim Chair, Executive Director of Applicaiton Services, Division of Information Technology
Joann Williamson - Director of Network Systems, Architecture, and Infrastructure, USC Aiken
Ronni Wilkinson - Director of IT Services, College of Engineering and Computing 



The Research Computing Advisory Committee provides input and guidance related to activities that enhance the research mission of the university, investments for Research Computing (RC) technology and the prioritization and monitoring of RC usage policies and procedures. Members of the committee represent the research community across the university system and help set the direction for future RC initiatives or projects.

Membership 2018-19:

Rafael Becerril - Darla Moore School of Business
Jorge Crichigno Benitez - College of Hospitality, Retail and Sport Management
Kate Boyd - University Libraries
Joe Flora - College of Engineering and Computing
Sophya Garashchuk - College of Arts and Sciences 
Dean Hossein Haj-Hariri - Chair; College of Engineering and Computing
Andreas Heyden - College of Engineering and Computing
Sean Norman - Arnold School of Public Health
Paul Sagona - ex-officio; Executive Director of Research Computing 
Sirivatch Shimpalee - College of Engineering and Computing
Paula Vasquez - College of Arts and Sciences
Stacy Winchester - University Libraries 

Meeting Notes:

April 25, 2019

December 3, 2019

The CIO Roundtable is made up of Chief Information Officers from all four-year campuses within the UofSC system. The group meets to discuss ways to improve IT services across the system.

Membership 2018-2019:

Doug Foster - Vice President for Information Technology and CIO
Bob Dyer - Director of Information Technology, Palmetto College
Eddie King - Assistant to the President for System Affairs and CIO, USC Beaufort
Adam Long - Associate Vice Chancellor for Information Technology and Data Services and CIO, USC Upstate
Ernest Pringle - Vice Chancellor for Information Technology, USC Aiken


If you would like to become involved in an IT governance group, or you have additional questions, contact


Governance Structure

There are three types of governance groups: advisory committees, councils, and boards. Advisory groups are non-voting groups that meet to brainstorm ideas and offer suggestions and input on IT projects. Councils have voting rights and responsibility for resource allocation. The IT Executive Board is comprised of university officials and not only has voting rights, but final authority on decisions. 

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