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Division of Information Technology

Network Projects

By modernizing servers, storage, networking, and the university data center, the department will continously improve the underlying IT infrastructure relied upon by the university into something new : a capable, reliable, and accessible infrastructure supporting the University's goals.

Cloud Transformation Program

The Cloud Transformation Program seeks to modernize USC's IT infrastructure with comprehensive upgrades. This will transform the university’s technological ecosystem into a robust, reliable, and easily accessible service, encompassing: ​

  • Servers & Storage​
  • Data Center​
  • Network Connectivity to the Cloud​
  • Public Cloud​
  • Governance​

Over the past year, the Cloud Transformation Program has made progress in modernizing USC's IT infrastructure.​

  • Modernization of Data Center Core: Upgraded the core components of the University’s Data Center to improve efficiency, reliability, and scalability, better supporting the University’s goals.​
  • Migration to a Modern Data Center: Moved data operations to a state-of-the-art data center that offers advanced capabilities for data processing and storage while improving reliability and efficiency.​
  • Securing Public Cloud Vendors: Reliable and renewable contracts with public cloud vendors ensure flexible, scalable resources, fostering innovation and adaptability across teaching, research, and administration.​

These achievements reflect progress towards building a robust, reliable, and accessible IT infrastructure that meets the university’s current and future needs.​

Wired and Wireless Network Improvements

The Network Modernization (NETMOD) Program seeks to continuously upgrade and optimize the University’s network infrastructure to enable the student experience, faculty instruction, and administrative operations.​
Key Elements of the program consists of:​

  • Access to Internet Service Providers​
  • Network Core Infrastructure​
  • Security Infrastructure​
  • Wireless & Area Distribution Nodes​
  • Wireless & Edge Networks for ~330 buildings​
  • Structured Cabling & Fiber Infrastructure ​
  • Physical Infrastructure ​

Fiscal Year 2020 Wired & Wireless Network Modernization on the Columbia Campus

In 2020, wireless coverage was expanded in the existing Columbia Campus residence halls. The scope during this upgrade was to replace the existing Wireless Access Points while adding new Access Points. This improved wireless coverage in the upgraded residence halls. However, network switches were not part of the project and will be upgraded during a future network modernization cycle. 

Fiscal Year 2023-2024 Wired & Wireless Network Modernization on the Columbia Campus

In May of 2023, the Division of IT began the next network modernization cycle focused on selected academic and administrative buildings across the Columbia Campus. The current cycle is replacing all existing wireless Access Points on a 1-for-1 basis, upgrading building network switches, and updating network address schemes for management pu

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