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Division of Information Technology

IBM BigFix Architecture Basics

IBM Bigfix Agent

The client installed on every computer that must be managed. It continuously assesses the state of the endpoint against active and subscribed content, whether connected to the network or not. As soon as the agent notices that the target is out of compliance with a policy or checklist, it informs the server, runs the configured remediation task (if deployed by a network administrator), and immediately notifies the server of the task status and result. In most cases, the agent operates silently, without any direct intervention from the user. However, if you want to solicit a user response, the program also allows you to provide screen prompts.

IBM BigFix Console

Allows administrators, also called operators, to view and interact with all of the clients and servers in the IBM BigFix environment. The IBM BigFix Console allows an authorized user to quickly and easily distribute software patches and configuration settings. You can run the IBM BigFix console on any modern 64-bit Windows operating system that has network access to the IBM BigFix Server.

Web Reports

Using the Web Reports program you can:

  • Produce charts and graphs of your data, providing you with hardcopy.
  • Help you to maintain an audit trail of all the Fixlet activity in your network.
  • Export data for further manipulation in a spreadsheet or database.
  • Aggregate information from extra IBM BigFix servers that are installed at your organization.

The interface runs in a web browser and provides a set of users with visibility into the state of the computers, but no rights to alter those computers.

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