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School of Medicine Greenville

Financial Aid


Once I complete the Free Application for Financial Student Aid (FAFSA) online, how long will it take for UofSC to receive the results?

It depends on the time of year, but it can take up to two weeks for us to receive your FAFSA. If it is not received by this time, make sure that you listed us as a recipient and that you've signed the FAFSA.

When will I receive my financial aid overage?

Once you've paid your bill using financial aid on SSC, overage checks will begin being mailed/ direct deposited around the first week of class; half in fall, half in spring.

What are the priority deadlines for applying for financial aid?

March 1st is the priority submission deadline for the FAFSA, so please submit it online by this date. April 1st is the priority completion day. SSC must say that your application is complete by this date to be eligible for certain loan programs.

Can I receive financial aid if I miss the priority deadlines?

Yes, but you may not be considered for some programs with limited funding.

How do I know which items on the Student Aid Report (SAR) should be corrected?

When you receive the SAR, you should carefully review the data shown. This information is what you listed on your FAFSA and you should be able to determine if an error was made. If you need to make corrections, speak with Casey Wiley and he can advise you about the best way to make those corrections. Simply changing the information online may result in additional paperwork to clear things up.

Why should I provide my parents' financial information on the FAFSA if I am self-supporting?

This information is one of the factors used in making scholarship decisions. If you have some extenuating circumstances that you would like us to take into account, there is a section to explain on the Scholarship Application.

How do I find out if I qualify for in-state resident or non-resident tuition?

The UofSC Residency Office can provide information. You can contact them at 803-777-4060, and you can also call the Office of Student and Career Services at 803-216-3630.

I am a non-resident. How do I apply for residency for the M-II year and beyond?

The UofSC Residency Office provides a list of steps you must take to establish residency. Start this process early in your M1 year.

Can I apply for aid even if I haven't been accepted yet?

Yes, you should apply for aid and try to meet the deadlines even if you haven't been accepted to the school. While we won't be able to award funds unless you are ultimately accepted, meeting the priority deadlines will be in your best interest.