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Housing Damage Charge Appeals

The Housing Damage Charge Appeals form can be found in the Housing Portal. 

Check Out Process

Residents are required to do the following. Please note that if these instructions are not followed, then there will be an improper check-out fee assessed to the resident.

  • During Spring closing, Resident Assistants host group meetings with residents to share closing instructions. Residents are required to attend.
  • Remove all personal belongings from the space.
  • Clean room and common area
  • Schedule a time to check out with our staff
  • All other instructions as communicated by University Housing

At the scheduled time, the staff member will meet with the resident to inspect the room and report any damages on the room/apartment inspection report. After this, the resident returns their key(s) (if applicable) and is allowed to leave. Please note that this does NOT mean that charges will not be assessed. Charges are assessed after the checkout is completed.


Charge Process

Residence Life Coordinator (RLC) and/or Assistant Residence Life Coordinator (ARLC) staff review the inspection report and charge for any new damage that is found. A full list of charges can be found here. Please note that charge amounts may be different for 650 Lincoln, Park Place and YOUnion. The below charges are the typical charges associated with check outs:

Note that “COL” refers to all halls outside of 650 Lincoln. 

  •  COL/650 Lincoln Housing Damage
    • Charge associated with a non-residential common area of a residential facility.
  • COL/650 Lincoln Cleaning Fee
    • Fee associated with extensive cleaning that has to take place after a check out has occurred.
  • COL/650 Lincoln Community Damage
    • Charge associate with acts of vandalism by an individual or community
  • COL/650 Lincoln Housing Fine
    • Charge associated with a fine.
  • COL/650 Lincoln Improper Check-Out Fee
    • Fee resulting from a resident vacating a space and failing to follow communicated instructions for a proper check out to occur with University Housing
  • COL/650 Lincoln Lock Change
    • Fee associated with having to replace a lock due to the key being lost or not returned.
  • COL/650 Lincoln Housing Room Damage
    • Charge for damage found in an assigned bedspace, residential common area or residential bathroom.
  • COL/650 Lincoln Temp Access Card
    • Fee associated with having to replace an access card due to the card being lost or not returned
  • COL/650 Lincoln Housing Restitution
    • Charge resulting from a finding of ‘responsible’ from a conduct case.


Deadline for Appeals: June 15

To appeal damage charges, please note that there are limited conditions by which you can appeal, they are as follows:

  • Damage present at Move-In
  • Damage caused by another assigned occupant of the space
  • Damage is the result of a significant facilities issue outside of your control.
  • Charge related to lock change, spare key or temp card

To submit an appeal, navigate to your Housing portal. From there you will see the option to submit a damage charge appeal.



What happens after you submit as appeal?

Our appeals committee reviews all submissions. During this process, all internal documents are checked using the information provided. Based on a check for clerical errors and appeal submission information, a decision is made to uphold the charge or refund all or part of the damage charge being appealed. When this decision is reached, an email will be sent to the USC email associated with the student account that was charged.


Already Submitted an appeal?

You can return to your Housing portal and see current status of any charge that was appealed. Navigate to your housing portal and click “Damage Charge Appeal.”

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