25 Arrive: Carolinians share 25 years at USC

Celebrating its 25th year of publication, USC Times is featuring in its January edition 25 faculty and staff members who joined the university in the past 25 years. 

The “25 Arrive” feature is one of several stories in the newly redesigned publication, which has been changed from a four-page biweekly to a 16-page monthly. Distribution has also changed, as USC Times will no longer be sent to faculty and staff mailboxes but is available at 25 racks around campus. 

USC Times writers asked the faculty and staff featured in “25 Arrive” about their impressions of the campus when they arrived, their accomplishments in the years since and any advice they might proffer to future faculty and staff. A sampling of those responses follows:


John Weidner: professor, chemical engineering

Best Moment: When I received tenure, although I don’t think I fully appreciated it at the time. I tell new faculty to enjoy the process. Don’t stress out about all the demands put on your time. Work hard, don’t forget that students are the reason we are here, but go home at the end of the day and be with your family. Being a professor is the best job in the world if you don’t let external forces get you down.


Virginia Scotchie: professor, studio art

The conversation when you arrived: People were talking about the need for more female faculty — I am the first woman in studio art to become a full professor — and the new efforts the university would be making to include more minorities and quality students. 


Qian Wang: professor, chemistry

Best moment: The champagne time we have after every Ph.D. student of mine successfully completes their dissertation defense — I have collected 12 bottles so far.


Dale Morris: administrative assistant, Social Work

Best moment: I recently had lunch on the Horseshoe and heard someone calling my name. I turned around and it was my youngest son who is currently a student here at the university. This really made my day.


Dawn Staley: Head coach, women’s basketball

Biggest surprise: That I so quickly embraced the culture, because it¹s a lot different than what I¹m used to. I find myself enjoying it a lot more: the lifestyle, the pace of it. When I was in Philadelphia, I thought that was the only way to live. Then you come down here and you just have a different appreciation for family, time that you get to spend with family. It helps me give more as a coach because I do take time to enjoy life outside of my passion.


David Leggett: sophomore, Carolina Scholar

Advice for new students: First, try sweet tea — it’s a beautiful thing. Secondly, know that Carolina has a spot for everyone. While our size may be intimidating at first, it truly allows for members of our community to find others just like them and to thrive. The only way you’ll find those niches is to put yourself out there and dive into the community available at the university.


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