Sarah Riser, Pressley Perry and Rachel Hensler
Dr. Patterson and patient

UofSC center brings health care to those in need

In South Carolina, a majority of the 46 counties are considered to be medically underserved. The South Carolina Center for Rural and Primary Healthcare is working to improve access to quality care through training programs that are helping grow the health care workforce.

School counselor works with child using play therapy

Play therapy helps students express their experiences and feelings

In the 21 years that she’s been a school counselor, Elizabeth Balthazor has worked with children whose emotional – and sometimes physical – wounds run deep. Two-thirds of children report at least one traumatic event by 16 years old, and one in seven children are abused. Before she can help, Balthazor must figure out what’s wrong and that can be hard with children who don’t fully know how to verbalize their trauma.

Skyline with the USC smoke stack and downtown Columbia buildings

Campus, city thrive together through decades of change

From growth and innovation on campus to an increasingly bustling city life, the university and the city are thriving together in a symbiotic relationship. In many cases, it’s South Carolina alumni themselves who are leading change in the city as entrepreneurs and community leaders.

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“Trump’s war on expertise is only intensifying”

(Feat. Dan Carter, history) —The Atlantic

“Kamala Harris’s decline in the polls, explained”

(Feat. Robert Odendick, political science) —Vox

"The AI revolution is here"

(Feat. Amit Sheth, ) —The Morning Consult

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