Marva Smalls in her office at ViacomCBS

Alumna plays crucial role in media company's inclusion efforts

As an executive vice president and global head of inclusion at ViacomCBS, Marva Smalls plays a crucial role in the company’s diversity, equity and inclusion efforts. And while her commitment to advocacy predates her time at the University of South Carolina, Smalls’ undergraduate and graduate experiences shaped her philosophy in profound ways.

The university's historic Horseshoe and Maxcy Monument

UofSC endowment sees record growth in fiscal year 2020-2021

Thanks to generous donors and savvy investment, the University of South Carolina’s endowment reached unprecedented heights in fiscal year 2020-21. This year’s 26 percent increase of $207 million was largely driven by the U.S. economy’s resurgence, fueled by the arrival of the COVID-19 vaccine.

Nate Johnson at Rose Hill Plantation

Putting history to work in the world

UofSC's public history graduates apply their knowledge and love of history to encourage civic engagement by making the past more understandable and accessible to the general public. They also are helping to refine our understanding of our past through new scholarship to tell a more inclusive history.

Cartoon drawing of an animal paw holding a cellphone with a drawing of a chicken. Headline "Dot Buys a Bike" in white type on red background.

New book puts children in driver's seat for navigating information highway

Children have the internet at their fingertips with phones and tablet, but the ability to discern what’s fact and what’s fiction hasn’t kept pace with advances in technology and accessibility. Faculty and staff in the College of Information and Communications are working to bridge that knowledge gap with a children’s book about news literacy.

A North Atlantic right whale breaches the surface of the water.

UofSC professor: Human-driven climate change is devastating ocean ecosystems

Warming oceans are driving some marine populations out of their habitats and into peril, according to new research by University of South Carolina professor Erin Meyer-Gutbrod. The temperature change is affecting creatures large and small, from the critically endangered North Atlantic right whale to more common fish whose habitats are losing oxygen.

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