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Global Nursing Education program spends Spring Break in Amsterdam

Spring Break can be an excellent time to take advantage of what the university has to offer for students, including our Global Nursing Education program. This program is for any student wanting to gain a deeper understanding of different health care systems, as well as explore another country’s rich history and culture. This year, led by Dr. Alicia Ribar and Dr. Stephanie Armstrong, some of our students took the opportunity to visit Amsterdam!

The trip kicked off with immersive experiences for the first full day – including a group canal boat ride, a visit to the Van Gogh Museum, and a 5D flight simulation over the Netherlands. Each day included plenty of free time for students to sightsee, reflect, and explore the many things Amsterdam has to offer. Later in the week, the group visited the Anne Frank House and its surroundings, which gave the students a different perspective on the city’s intricate history and ongoing healing.

Hans Springer, a professor at Inholland University of Applied Sciences, served as the local host for the group. Springer provided key insights on the Dutch Healthcare System, introduced the group to share experiences with other local nursing students, and provided a tour of the Inholland campus. Additionally, the group had the privilege to able to tour two prominent hospitals in Amsterdam, the Amsterdam UMC Hospital and the OLVG Oost (East) Hospital.

These behind-the-scenes tours offered a better understanding of health care practices in the Netherlands.


This Spring Break trip is just one of the many ways the College of Nursing at USC continues to offer enriching experiences that will resonate within our students as they continue their future careers in health care and enjoy their college experience.

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