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Molinaroli College of Engineering and Computing

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Graduate Funding

Incoming and current College of Engineering and Computing graduate students are competitive for local, regional and national graduate fellowship opportunities.

Graduate Assistantships

Graduate students may apply to assistantship positions to support their studies. Graduate Research Assistants (GRA or RA) receive stipends for conducting research on a grant. Graduate Teaching Assistants (GTA or TA) receive stipends for supporting the teaching mission of the department. The type of appointment and the duties of GAs/TAs may vary from term to term and decisions are made within the student’s home department.

Full or partial payment of tuition and certain fees is usually part of an offer of financial aid for graduate students, but the amount is determined by the student’s department.

Fellowship Opportunities

A graduate fellowship is typically merit-based financial aid for graduate study. A student may receive all or part of their funding from a fellowship, which may come from the college, university or from an external sponsor. Students usually must apply for fellowships, and we will provide guidance for such applications.

Browse the most recent fellowship opportunities below:

Who can apply: The Southeast Conference (SEC) Engineering Dean’s Fellowship provides funding for newly admitted Ph.D. students whose undergraduate engineering (or related) degrees are from another official SEC university. The College of Engineering and Computing will award at least two new SEC Fellowships each year.

Funding amount: $5,000 to top-off graduate stipends. The minimum annual overall stipend (GTA or GRA) including the SEC Engineering Deans Graduate Fellow Program stipend will be $30K plus tuition and fees.

How to apply: Eligible students must apply by using the form and following the instructions online. We encourage students to contact their prospective departments to let them know of their intent to apply for the SEC Engineering Dean’s Fellowship. SEC Dean’s Fellows are also expected to apply for additional National Fellowships.

Who can apply: The College of Engineering and Computing Teaching Fellowships are intended to help recruit and retain the most promising and capable domestic (U.S. citizen or permanent resident) graduate students at the Ph.D. level.  Fellows must participate in our professional development program and support the teaching mission of their department for one academic year.

Funding amount: Teaching Fellows will receive full nine-month stipend support, plus $5,000 in funds to top off the stipend in the first academic year.

How to apply: Prospective Teaching Fellows are nominated by their departments, and interested students must contact their department’s graduate director to be nominated. Teaching Fellows are expected to apply for additional National Fellowships.

Who can apply: The College of Engineering and Computing Science Major Fellowships provide funding for those with a bachelor’s degree in science majors (e.g. chemistry, physics, math, or similar fields) who wish to pursue graduate studies in engineering or computing. The goal is to help science majors during a transitional semester or year to prepare for advanced degree coursework in the college.

Funding amount: This fellowship provides a one-year, $2,500 stipend.

How to apply: Contact the graduate director of your intended program for more details.

Who can apply: University Presidential Fellowships are open to prospective graduate students in any doctoral or MFA program.

Funding amount: This fellowship provides a supplemental $8,000 per year stipend supplement for up to four years of graduate study. 

How to apply: These fellowships are awarded by the USC Graduate School. Your department must nominate you for this fellowship. For more information, see the presidential fellowship page and contact the graduate director of your program.

Who can apply: Many U.S. federal agencies, as well as some private foundations, provide fellowships for U.S. citizens and permanent residents.

Funding amount: Varies.

How to apply: You will receive support to apply for these Fellowships from the college and from the University Office of Fellowships and Scholars Programs.

Who can apply: National GEM Consortium Fellowships are aimed at STEM students who come from under-represented minority groups.

Funding amount: As a member of the National GEM Consortium, the University of South Carolina offers GEM Fellowships which provide partial financial support for the first year of graduate studies, as well as internships with a company.

How to apply: Contact Mike Matthews, Senior Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Programs, for more information.


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