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IBUS 750: Exploring Global Business in the UK and France


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Study Abroad Location:
London. England and Paris, France

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Course Description:
The course consists of two modules - Pre-departure and Immersion. The Pre-departure module includes academic activities, which will provide essential knowledge about the two countries and the business opportunities and challenges in those markets. It will employ a variety of teaching methods including lectures, readings, case analyses, and a research project. It will be conducted over Blackboard and will also include a face-to-face session at the Columbia campus. The Immersion module will consist of Spring Break travel to the capitals and largest business centers of the two countries - London and Paris, and will consist of lectures, company visits, and meetings with government officials, local executives, academics, and other experts in the region. The focus in both, the pre-departure and the immersion modules, will be on leading industries and sectors in the British and French economies (e.g., global finance industry in UK) and on key international business topics that are salient in these contexts.

Term: Spring

Participation Instructions: See program requirements to determine student eligibility.



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