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IBUS 490S: Business in Spain


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Barcelona, Madrid, and A Coruna, Spain

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Course Description:
The objective of the course is to provide students with an insight into Spanish culture, language, and business environment. This is achieved through lectures, readings and on-site experiences in Barcelona, Madrid and A Coruna ??" all in Spanish. On-site experiences include a visit to INDITEX headquarters, a Spanish multinational that is the largest clothing retailer in the world, and a pioneer within fast fashion. Together with visits to other Spanish companies, such as Hijos de Rivera and Benedetta Tagliabue ??" EMBT, will allow us to explore particularities of Spanish businesses and how they manage to excel in the global economy. We will also visit foreign multinationals operating in Spain, such as the car manufacturer SEAT (part of VW group), PepsiCo Iberia and Amazon Espana to learn about the Spanish business environment, work culture, and how these differ from other countries. In terms of cultural activities, we will visit the Sagrada Familia Cathedral and other modernist architecture for which Barcelona is renowned worldwide. In Madrid we will learn about the Spanish classical painters and traditional cultural activities such as flamenco and bullfighting, plus the national obsession with soccer.

Term: Spring

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