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Many individuals suffer from self-awareness issues including difficulties with self-expression and self-regulation. Social anxiety, evaluation apprehension, and shyness can greatly interfere with our ability to establish healthy connections between ourselves and others. A healthy awareness of ourselves along with the abilities to regulate our behavior and to effectively express ourselves, are critical to creating a good quality of life. By introspectively becoming aware of one's self, we are able to consciously grow toward the level where compassion for others becomes the key to a life of happiness for us all. A.Bevy utilizes the arts to educate. Through the formulated production of media, events, and opportunities, A.Bevy is able to shift the mindsets, lifestyles, and belief toward fulfilling individual dreams upward.

Registered Student Organization (RSO): student organizations that are independent legal entities from the University, have no delegated authority from the University, and do not perform functions on behalf of the university.

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