Engagement Details

The Big Event Planning Committee


What to Expect

Team up with other South Carolina students to help plan and execute our campus's Service Saturday: The Big Event. Show how Gamecocks can make a difference for our campus and local communities by recruiting students and organizing teams during the event.

This engagement qualifies for these special designations:

  • GLD-Professional & Civic Engagement
  • Option to appear on USC Experience extended transcript

Term: Spring 2024



Time Commitment: 30-44 hours
Who Can Participate: Selected through competitive application
Minimum Credit Hours: No requirements for credit hours or years completed
Minimum GPA:  No requirements for credit hours or years completed
Other Requirements No additional requirements


Engagement Benefits

How expectations are communicated:
Group orientation / class session(s)
Training manual, syllabus or rubric

Learning activities:
Career readiness

Knowledge or skills developed:
Communication - spoken
Critical and creative thinking

Who you will work with:
Peer educator(s) who lead this engagement

Who will communicate feedback and how:
Peer educator
Group / class session with professional staff

Reflection expectations:
Group / class session(s) with faculty
(1-1) session(s) with professional staff


Additional Information

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