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Richard Adams

A positive reaction

Richard Adams has been training future chemists at the University of South Carolina for 45 years. His efforts have been rewarded with the 2018 Mungo Graduate Teaching Award.

Marisa Green

Getting at the core of the issue

To increase diversity among South Carolina’s teachers while also tackling the growing teacher shortage, the College of Education is launching the Apple Core Initiative. Ten students, including Marisa Green, will take part in the pilot program which provides scholarships and support for underrepresented populations in South Carolina.

Alan Decho

Microbial mashup

Alan Decho’s research sometimes takes him to the tropics to study thick, slimy mats of bacteria that survive in extreme heat and drought. Turns out, the conditions those hardy bacterial colonies call home might provide clues in the search for life on other planets.

Richard Riley

A life in public service

Dick Riley has a hope for what the collection of his papers, unveiled Monday at the University of South Carolina, can mean for the state’s future. Not surprisingly, his focus is on young people and public service.


Building the world's next tourism hot spot

If you’re planning a vacation, odds are Uzbekistan has not been at the top of your list. That could change very soon, though, as the University of South Carolina enters a partnership to nurture the burgeoning tourism industry and service economy in the former Soviet republic.

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