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Students constructing the Tiger Burn tiger.

Behind the burn

Tiger Burn is one of the university's most cherished traditions. During rivalry week, student and alumni alike gather to watch the event on Greene Street Intramural Fields. Hear from the engineering students behind-the-scenes that build the tiger everyone watches go up in flames.

Julius Fridriksson

Recovery starts here

South Carolina’s high stroke rate is not good news for the state, but it makes researcher Julius Fridriksson’s work particularly relevant.

War Memorial garden

A century of remembrance

Carolina recently relocated a group of granite-and-bronze markers that memorialize 28 students and alumni who died during World War I and the Mexican border dispute. Thirteen markers have been placed on the front lawn of the War Memorial Building (Sumter at Pendleton), and plans call for installation of 15 more to replace markers that were lost decades ago.

Saurabh Chatterjee

Gut feeling

In the nearly 30 years since the first Gulf War in Kuwait and Iraq, medical professionals have struggled to identify the cause for symptoms collectively referred to as Gulf War illness that have persisted among a quarter-million military veterans. Saurabh Chatterjee can’t identify the cause, but he thinks his research team at USC’s Arnold School of Public Health has found the locus of medical dysfunction.

steve benjamin

Attracting talent

Each fall, thousands of new students come to USC from out of state, and a lot of them later make a permanent home here, including Columbia Mayor Steve Benjamin.

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