On Oct. 9, 2018, the University of South Carolina will bring together innovative thinkers and doers to share their ideas with the world for the inaugural TEDxUofSC.

About TEDxUofSC

TEDxUofSC is a half-day experience that will include 12 short, powerful TEDx talks and artistic performances in an atmosphere of innovation, connection and inspiration. Each of the TEDxUofSC speakers will illustrate the 2018 conference theme, Create, with their ideas to transform our complex and changing world. We welcome the public as well as the university community to join us. 


Tickets and venue

TEDxUofSC tickets will be available at noon on Aug. 22, 2018. Tickets cost $25 each, and there is a limit of two tickets per person. The event will take place in the University of South Carolina Alumni Center. Make plans now to join us in this beautiful space for an immersive, dynamic experience.


A 21st-century university relies on the free exchange of ideas to help transform our culture and our world. The ‘TED Talk’ was designed with one simple idea in mind: to promote ‘ideas worth spreading.’ TEDx is a natural fit for our campus and will provide a tremendous showcase for some of the most innovative people in the Carolina family.

President Harris Pastides



  • Kassy Alia

    Kassy Alia

    Kassy Alia will speak about how to build authentic trust between law enforcement and citizens.

  • Derek Black

    Derek Black

    Derek Black wants to teach us to discern fact, nuance and noise in the “news” we encounter daily.

  • Juan Caicedo

    Juan Caicedo

    Juan Caicedo will present the technological innovation of sensing vibrations in a home to monitor for falls and similar accidents.

  • Kimani Davis

    Kimani Davis

    Kimani Davis will speak about how to address challenges formerly incarcerated individuals face when re-entering society.

  • Parastoo Hashemi

    Parastoo Hashemi

    Parastoo Hashemi says, “Your dog can tell when you’re sad. We should be able to figure that out, too.”

  • Ronda Hughes

    Ronda Hughes

    Ronda Hughes is combing big data to create individualized patient profiles that can highlight risks for hospital readmission.

  • Shigeharu Kobayashi

    Shigeharu Kobayashi

    Shigeharu Kobayashi will encourage us to recognize and challenge our own definitions and creative parameters.

  • David Matolak

    David Matolak

    David Matolak is building better radios that will allow for more information sharing and safer air travel.

  • David Shields

    David Shields

    David Shields will share the impact of politics and science on what we eat through his story of reintroducing forgotten South Carolina foods.

  • Sarah Simmons

    Sarah Simmons

    Sarah Simmons is using vocational pathways to help others find success and bolster the area’s economy.

  • Seth Stoughton

    Seth Stoughton

    Seth Stoughton will discuss guardian policing, which defines the role of the officer as “protecting civilians from unnecessary indignity and harm.”

  • Lyric Swinton

    Lyric Swinton

    Lyric Swinton will share a compelling written piece dealing with her experiences with stereotypes.

This independent TEDx event is operated under license from TED. For questions, email Katherine Dyke, TEDxUofSC Organizer, at kdyke@sc.edu. For media inquiries, email John Brunelli at brunelli@mailbox.sc.edu.